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Be Ready for Anything the Day Brings: The Best Smartphone Apps for Busy Mothers

Your mobile devices can be invaluable when you’re raising kids, not only can they help you remember all the things you have to do, it can also store information, give you alerts and keep you sane. These apps will help busy moms with kids of all ages manage their days, dress them right and be ready for anything that comes their way.

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The Importance of Teaching Children How to Manage Money

Many young adults get their first real lesson in budgeting when they head off to college or rent their first apartment. This is when they realize that a dollar doesn’t go as far as they thought. After paying the rent, utilities, a car payment and food, they find out quickly that coming up and sticking to a budget is the only way to survive.

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The Best Learning Toys For Little Minds

Learning toys are a great way to get your kids’ brains developing while having fun too. These toys work well for building vocabulary, math, science and general knowledge skills. You might find that you get some entertainment out of them too!

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5 Ways to Make the Most of the Summer Without Ever Leaving Home

Most families live for the week or two they get to head out on a vacation during the summer months when the kids aren’t in school and workloads are kinder. Whether your annual trip takes you to the mountains, the beach, your relatives’ home, or a major amusement park, it’s amazing how much time, energy, and money are set aside — over $1,000 per person on average in the U.S.

That amount seems especially exorbitant when you stop to consider the fact that the bulk of your family’s summer isn’t going to be spent on vacation; most of your time is going to be spent just hanging out at home. Doesn’t it make sense to commit some time, energy, and money there so you can be sure to make the most of it? Here are five ways to enjoy the summer while you and your children have the run of your house and yard.

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