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Taking A Step Back From Technology

Technology is everywhere, and it can even be found as close as in your purse or pocket. With the rise of smartphone use, people have diverted too much of their time to scrolling through internet sites or sharing memes. It’s time to take a step back and get back to reality, and focus more time on the people around you.

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7 Key Features Every Bathroom Should Have

You can live without a yard, a balcony, or even a living room in a home, but you can’t live without a bathroom in one. The bathroom is one of most, if not the most, important fixtures in a house. Considering how often a person uses the amenities inside, it would be impossible or at least incredibly difficult to live in a house without one. You can say that a home is not complete without a bathroom.

7  Key Features Every Bathroom Should Have

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How To Make More Time For Your Kids

You work a full-time job — almost every modern parent does. In fact, studies have found that two incomes are all but mandatory for raising a family in the high-cost world of the 21st century. Still, if you feel like you are missing out on crucial developments in your child’s life because you need to make a morning meeting or hit a project deadline, you might need to rearrange your priorities — and your schedule.

How To Make More Time For Your Kids

The truth is that your job is important, but so is spending time with your little ones during their formative years. Here are a few tips for squeezing more out of your time with them — and squeezing more time out of your day. [Read more…]

Practical Tips For Childproofing Your Kitchen

As any experienced parent can confirm, babies, toddlers and small children will get into anything and everything. Since little ones are perpetually curious, many parents are constantly taking steps to childproof potentially problematic areas. When working towards a kid-friendly home, it’s in every parent’s best interest to pay special attention to the kitchen. The average kitchen is home to a wide array of dangers that adventurous tots will need to be shielded from, and it behooves safety-conscious moms and dads to secure this area. Fortunately, making your kitchen safe for kids doesn’t have to be costly, stressful or time-consuming. Putting the following tips to good use will enable you to childproof your kitchen in a timely manner and provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

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