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4 Tips For Creating Perfect Family Portraits

One of the first things you’ll often see in the living room of a home is a photograph of the family. Many households have a tradition of sending their portrait pics as Christmas cards.

4 Tips For Creating Perfect Family Portraits

Now you can preserve such memories in paintings as well, as this idea from Instapainting suggests. Imagine your favorite group picture reproduced with oil paints on a canvas.

However, family portraits are more than capturing moments to look back on in later years.  [Read more…]

How To Help Your Child Start Their Own YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for children. According to Statista, 80% of surveyed parents with children under 11 years of age stated their children watch YouTube, with 53% of them watching YouTube videos every day. The YouTube “Made for Kids” section also gets 11 million weekly users. If your kid(s) obsess over YouTube videos, then it’s no surprise that they’ll eventually want a channel of their own. 

How To Help Your Child Start Their Own YouTube Channel

Having their own YouTube channel allows them to express their creativity, learn how to responsibly navigate a social media platform, and even allows them to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit. With that in mind, here’s how you can help them get started:   [Read more…]

Infant Sleep And Its Relation With Cognition And Growth

Description: Sleep is the most important part of a baby’s life. Here, we’ll provide you with science-backed information about an infant’s sleep and how it impacts cognitive development and physical growth. We’ll also discuss how to get a baby to sleep.

Infant Sleep and Its Relation With Cognition and Growth

We, as new parents or parents-to-be, must consider numerous factors to enable our kids to grow and develop properly. We know everything about the best baby stuff and toys, the most responsible of us are even aware of such things as diapers expiration (wow!). But what do we know about the most important part of every baby’s life – sleep?  [Read more…]

New Home – Things To Check (Before You Buy)

Buying a house is a huge step. You may have many choices in your chosen area, or you may have only one or two limited options. One thing is for sure, whatever the condition of your new home, you’re bound to uncover multiple “teething issues” the moment you actually move in. 

New Home - Things To Check (Before You Buy)

For example, you could find that on day one in your new home you instantly need answers to questions like how to remove a tree or how to clean a dryer vent (click the link to find out). That’s natural. But what about some of the more obvious things to check before you buy?  [Read more…]