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Seven Ways to Make Your Holiday Road Trip Safer and More Fun

Many of us hop in a vehicle when a holiday is just around the corner. We might be traveling to reach a vacation destination or traveling to spend time with family. Either way, traveling in a car can be more affordable and convenient than taking an airplane, but that doesn’t mean it’s safer.

It doesn’t mean it’s more fun either!

There is a rise in accidents during the holiday season because there are more drivers on the road and stress is running high. The last thing you want to do is get into a crash when you’re supposed to be on your way somewhere fun! [Read more…]

Technology With Music For Your Kids

Music is a great thing to teach your kids about from a young age. Music not only inspires creativity, but learning a new instrument is great for developing brains. It’s also a skill that you can keep with you your entire life and it’s much easier to learn when you’re young. But if you’re not ready to take your kids to lessons each week, there are some great tech options available to you. Below are some great music technology products and apps to help your child learn more about music. 

Technology With Music For Your Kids

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is a voice assistant produced by Amazon. With one of their home devices, or your smartphone, you can access Alexa and ask it different things. One thing you can do is ask it to play different songs. Amazon has a wide collection of songs available for free, or you can pay a monthly subscription to have access to practically any song that exists. Now your kid can listen to any song they want just by asking.  [Read more…]

Guidelines For The Perfect Holiday Party

A lot of things come with the holidays. The weather changes, you get gifts, family comes in town, and, most importantly, people throw parties. If you plan to host one of these parties, it can be stressful. You have to plan a party for many people all by yourself. You may not know where to start or what you need to pull it off. After reading this, you will.

Guidelines For The Perfect Holiday Party


It may seem like a small thing when you are planning your party, but it is really important. Certain drinks make you feel like it’s that time of year. Your guests, whether they are kids or adults, will be expecting these kinds of drinks. Drinks like eggnog and hot chocolate are a tradition around holiday time. Some people don’t want to feel like they drink the same drinks every year. There are recipes you can look up with some traditional ingredients and new ones. You can mix sugar free syrup and some eggnog and create your drink. Having your drink list prepared for your party will save you a lot of rushing the day of the party.  [Read more…]

How To Prepare Yourself For The Holiday Season

It happens every year, the calendar shifts over to November 1st and the holiday season is upon you. Where did the time go? Not long ago you were basking in the summer sun, then the kids went back to school, Halloween has come and gone and Boom! holiday season. Sure that’s a fast-forwarded interpretation of it but it does seem that fast and now you have to get prepared. Here are some tips to help you organize, decorate, search for gifts, and figure out ideas for meals. 

How To Prepare Yourself For The Holiday Season

Step Up and Organize

Clutter prevents a home from looking its best, so it’s high time to step up and organize. Remove any stacks of magazines and old mail so you can enjoy clear spaces which, in the near future, can be used to showcase holiday decorations. Look around your home and pick out areas of concern and improve them. Getting organized can be a tall task at first glance but, with a little guidance, you can be on your way to a tidy abode. If you want to start off small, try clearing off unnecessary items from your desk. And if that is still too large a task for you to tackle right away, maybe aim for the bedroom nightstand. How much mess can possibly build up there, right? [Read more…]