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What Types of Educational Kids’ Books Should You Choose for Your Preschooler?

Deciding what kinds of books to buy for your preschooler can be tricky. After all, you want to choose books that will be both educational and enjoyable. Nevertheless, with so many options on the market, it cannot be easy to know where to start. This guide will help you choose the right educational kids’ books for your preschooler.

What Types of Educational Kids' Books Should You Choose for Your Preschooler?

1. Look for Books That Teach Basic Concepts

When looking for educational books for your preschooler, it is important to choose books that will teach them basic concepts. Look for books introducing numbers, shapes, colors, and simple words. These concepts will give your child a foundation to build their future learning. It is also important to choose books that are age appropriate. Preschoolers have short attention spans and will quickly become bored with books that are too difficult or too easy. Choose books that your child can enjoy and will challenge them slightly. Repetition is also key when it comes to learning, so look for books your child can read repeatedly.  [Read more…]

Back To School: College For Grown-Ups

Those in the photos on their publicity material look like you did a decade ago or maybe even more like your kids than you, but nevertheless, you’ve decided to take the plunge and go to college. Whether you’re doing it for the first time, you’re going back to finish a degree, or you’re getting a new degree, college when you aren’t fresh out of high school can be a very different experience for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and older.

Back to School: College for Grown-Ups

Having been there before isn’t necessarily an advantage either; academic life changes, or if anything, you might be at a disadvantage if you approach things with the expectations you’ve brought from earlier decades.  The tips below can help you prepare for this big and exciting adjustment.   [Read more…]

How Will COVID-19 Shape The Experience Of Studying In International Schools?

Pandemics are not exactly a new occurrence, and history has made it clear that the spread of disease can kick off events that will inevitably change the way people live. This is one of the lessons that the education sector can learn from the unprecedented spread of COVID-19. A little more than a year after many countries started implementing strict lockdown periods and travel restrictions, many academic institutions remain unsure of how to continue their operations given the seemingly lasting threat of the disease and its numerous strains. International schools are hit particularly hard by the pandemic, since these academic communities are designed to cater to expatriate families. 

How Will COVID-19 Shape The Experience Of Studying In International Schools

Regardless, there is no shortage of international schools in Singapore that have stepped up to the challenge of providing their students with high-quality education despite the current circumstances. Many were able to prepare well-structured online learning environments for remote lessons. Some international academic institutions have also started offering facilities akin to boarding schools in Singapore, providing their students with a safe, albeit temporary, residential space within the school grounds. Meanwhile, international schools all over the country continue to observe the safety guidelines set by the Singapore government to curb the spread of the disease.  [Read more…]

Making the Most of Hybrid Learning During COVID-19

Teachers have always been the touchpoint for children in tough times. Aside from their parents, teachers and other school-adjacent authority figures are the closest adults that kids interact with daily. So, the example that educators set can have a profound impact on the types of people our education system yields.

Making the Most of Hybrid Learning During COVID-19

For the sake of the children, we need to be resilient. We need to go beyond putting on a brave face and exemplify the type of character we want to nurture in our kids. Hybrid learning, which combines traditional schooling with digital education, was likely the direction education was heading anyway but it is most certainly the best compromise we can get during the coronavirus pandemic (for now). With summer coming up it is important that we have access to the best math summer camps and for advanced students, RandomMath is proving to be an unparalleled options. [Read more…]