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Here’s How To Strengthen Your Pet Brand’s Physical Presence

Finding reasons why your brick-and-mortar business should have an online presence is easy, as it’s sound advice for the digital age. In fact, over 60 percent of the world’s population now have access to the internet, and most users are doing their shopping on it. Putting your products or services where they can be seen by the most people is a tactic that makes a lot of sense from a marketing perspective. 

Here's How To Strengthen Your Pet Brand's Physical Presence

There isn’t much coverage on the inverse, though. This is far from surprising; most entrepreneurs whose businesses are already flourishing online may see the concept of creating a physical presence for their brand as a step backward. The potential costs of doing so can also deter some business owners.  [Read more…]

Is There Such A Thing As Being Too Small For A Business Phone System?

The truth of the matter is, some tools are much more valuable for some companies than they are for others. This is typically based on the level of need you have for it. Sometimes, a company is just too big or too small for a certain tool to be of much value at all. In this case, a question that often gets asked is whether a business phone system has much merit for a smaller business.

Is There Such A Thing As Being Too Small For A Business Phone System

Why should a Small Business get a Business Phone System?

An idea that a lot of small business owners have is that because they are small, there is simply no need for them to invest in a business phone system. After all, if all you have is a handful of employees, why should you need to worry about having the cream of the crop of phone systems? You could perhaps argue that you work fine without it, and that could be true, but most importantly, you need to be more forward-thinking than that. The problem with that kind of mindset is that it doesn’t afford you the possibility of advancing your business. As a result, it is that much more important that you look into a business phone system; if you don’t think you need it now, just consider it planning for when you do end up needing it.  [Read more…]

5 Ways To Pad Your Retirement Fund When You’re Self-Employed

When you’re self-employed, there are days that retirement sounds like a dream come true. Others, it feels like a pipe dream. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed at the thought of dropping your income and living solely off a savings account. Whether you’re the sole provider for your family or you bring in the secondary income, you can prepare to retire the way you want by starting now.

5 Ways To Pad Your Retirement Fund When You’re Self-Employed

Contribute To A Roth IRA

If you’re self-employed and run a small business, it’s highly likely that you don’t have a 401(k) that you’re able to contribute to each month. You’re also not getting the company match because, well, you are the company. There is a strong alternative to a 401(k) in a Roth IRA.  [Read more…]

Ingenious Ways To Personalize Your Home Workspace

Working from home seems to be the norm these days. Even though offices are open again, more people than ever before are staying at home, either through personal choice or because their boss feels WFH is more beneficial than managing a large office space. Whatever reason you’re still working from home, you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to stay motivated and efficient when you’re working in a home-based environment. 

Ingenious Ways To Personalize Your Home Workspace

One of the biggest issues is that working from home can be incredibly dull, especially if your workspace lacks any kind of personality or vibrancy. Making your work area an enjoyable place to spend your working day is essential for boosting productivity and helping you remain focused. Here we’ll explore some ingenious ways you can personalize your home workspace.  [Read more…]