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How To Prepare Yourself For The Holiday Season

It happens every year, the calendar shifts over to November 1st and the holiday season is upon you. Where did the time go? Not long ago you were basking in the summer sun, then the kids went back to school, Halloween has come and gone and Boom! holiday season. Sure that’s a fast-forwarded interpretation of it but it does seem that fast and now you have to get prepared. Here are some tips to help you organize, decorate, search for gifts, and figure out ideas for meals. 

How To Prepare Yourself For The Holiday Season

Step Up and Organize

Clutter prevents a home from looking its best, so it’s high time to step up and organize. Remove any stacks of magazines and old mail so you can enjoy clear spaces which, in the near future, can be used to showcase holiday decorations. Look around your home and pick out areas of concern and improve them. Getting organized can be a tall task at first glance but, with a little guidance, you can be on your way to a tidy abode. If you want to start off small, try clearing off unnecessary items from your desk. And if that is still too large a task for you to tackle right away, maybe aim for the bedroom nightstand. How much mess can possibly build up there, right? [Read more…]

How To Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

The holiday season is about family and friends getting together, exchanging gifts and well-wishes, and feasting on home-cooked meals by the warmth of the fire. As wholesome and as wonderful as that sounds, hosting the celebrations can be overwhelming. The tasks to get your home holidayproof and guest-ready are plenty, on top of your domestic duties.

How To Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

The list of things to do may be tall and daunting, but no stone should be left unturned. You don’t want holiday emergencies to ruin the atmosphere. Plus, with everyone out of town or on holiday break, it can be difficult to find a professional to fix the problem ASAP.  [Read more…]

Four Ice Cream Brands That Only Use Quality Ingredients

One of the greatest gifts that we all have been given is ice cream! It has been one of the world’s favorite treats for decades. A sweet treat that is enjoyed by all ages. With advancements in ice cream technology, a whole world of flavors and types of ice creams have appeared over the years, resulting in a fiercely competitive market of ice-cream sellers aiming to be the best.

Four Ice Cream Brands That Only Use Quality Ingredients

Some ice cream companies are fantastic. Some, not so much, as we saw recently with the halo top lawsuit. But we have decided to list our top ones here, that way you know what to look for in order to get the tastiest ice cream.


An icon in the ice cream world. Made famous for their idea of serving a different flavor for each day of the month, their 31-flavor concept catapulted them to popularity. This is a company that has been selling ice cream since 1945. They are the Starbucks of ice cream with over 7000 stores around the world.

Ben & Jerry’s 

Hot on the heels of the top dog Baskin-Robbins is Ben and Jerry’s, their selling point is there a huge range of flavors sold in their supermarket tub range. Stocking almost every supermarket we have been to they cover a vast range of unusual and awesome flavors. With flavors like chunky monkey, which is banana ice cream with fudge and cookie dough, which is cookie flavored ice cream with real cookie dough inside, its easy to see how they have risen to fame.

Cold Stone Creamery

Based in Arizona, this brand has become famous for its focus on ice cream parlors. Serving high-quality ice cream to customers in a restaurant setting was a big hit. And now that’s what they focus on, using ice cream with a minimum of 12% butterfat makes them one of the higher quality ice cream companies. On top of that, in their parlors, they offer customers the chance to create their own ice creams. Their mix in creations allow you to blend your favorite ice creams and then add a huge range of toppings. These toppings include Oreo cookies, chocolate chips, and chocolate swirls. Aside from the custom ice cream creation, you can always just choose one of their tried and tested favorites.


Haagen-Dazs is a brand that is universally known for being premium quality. With a reputation for only using high-end ingredients like real milk and proper cream, the brand has stuck to simple flavors and then focuses on creating them with the finest ingredients. Where the other brands went for variety, Haagen-Dazs went for quality, and you can tell, with every mouthful, you can taste the quality ingredients.

There you have it, and these are the best ice cream brands around the world. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will always be able to find one of them wherever you are. That means you should always be able to find some good quality and great tasting ice cream, no matter what corner of the globe you are.

Signs Your Shopping Is Out Of Control

Women and shopping go hand in hand. It’s something they do frequently whether buying clothes and shoes or things the family needs and wants. Shopping is a lot of fun, and in many instances has been regarded as therapeutic. Be that as it may, if your love of shopping gets out of hand, it can cause a world of problems ranging from financial issues to relational drama. The question is, however, how do you know when your shopping habits are out of control? 

Signs Your Shopping Is Out Of Control

You Experience a High

Do you feel a great sense of happiness almost like a high or euphoria after you’ve finished shopping? If so, this is something you want to be careful with. Your brain is releasing a chemical known as dopamine which is associated with feeling good. If you keep shopping with the hopes of obtaining that same “high” every time, this could very well be a sign that you suffer from a shopping or behavioral addiction [Read more…]