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KORE Essentials Belt & Buckle Giveaway

Get Dad something he actually WANTS this Father’s Day! Get him KORE Track Belts – the best-fitting belt DAD will ever wear! It doesn’t matter what your dad does for a living, what size he wears, his favorite, color, or the car he drives — EVERY Dad will love to receive a KORE track belt because they are awesome!

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About KORE Track Belts – the best-fitting belt DAD will ever wear!

“The track belt is a big improvement in men’s belts. Customers tell [Kore Essentials] they can’t believe how much they love their Kore track belt. It’s because these track belts fit your waist very precisely, they are much more comfortable and even fun to use,” says John Cooper a company partner. “When you think about it, regular men’s belts with holes don’t work very well because belt holes stretch the leather, make creases and never fit to your waist correctly. But a track belt changes that. It’s the best fitting belt you you’ll ever have and the track does not stretch or make marks on the belt. So even after you’ve worn the belt for years, every day, it still looks like new. Kore ratchet style belt buckles use a patented, spring-loaded design that’s stylish, durable and easy to use. Kore Essentials refers to this design as their Trakline technology. Belt buckles are made of either solid stainless steel, or high-grade zinc alloy. Belts include a variety of styles (stitched or smooth), colors and high-quality leather (Full-Grain leather, Top-Grain leather, or Webbed Nylon belts) for work, dress or casual wear.

Kore belts use a hidden track on the back of the belt with 40+ size positions to choose from. The result is a perfect fit every time you put it on. They are easy to buy as a gift because belts are One-Size and fit any waist from 24″ to 44″ (XL to 54″).

Visit Kore Essentials to find the best-fitting belt DAD will ever wear!

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KORE Essentials Belt & Buckle Giveaway

KORE Essentials Belt & Buckle Giveaway

One Lucky Winner Will Receive a Kore Belt & Buckle of their Choice!

The giveaway is open to US residents only, 18+.

Giveaway ends 6/3 at 11: 59 pm EST

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win.

This great giveaway is Sponsored by KORE Essentials &  Hosted by Mommy’s Playbook

Mommy’s Playbook Giveaway Rules: This giveaway is Sponsored by Kore Essentials and hosted by Mommy’s Playbook. Victoria and/or Mommy’s Playbook, Participating bloggers, are not responsible for prize fulfillment. By entering this giveaway you are giving the giveaway host and/or event sponsor permission to retain your email address for future communication, you may choose to opt-out of such communications at any time. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by any social media outlet including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Please contact Victoria (at) MommysPlaybook.com regarding any questions you have pertaining to this giveaway.

Kore Essentials No more awkward belt holes, Kore men’s belts use a simple, but effective, hidden track system to give you a perfect fit every day. #KoreEssentials #FashionBelt #GiftsforHim #Christmas2018

What To Get Your Bestfriend For Her Birthday

The birthday of your best friend is a special occasion that you will want to celebrate.  If you haven’t got a gift yet and are thinking of birthday gift ideas for best friends, choose from the list of these awesome gifts that will put a smile on your bestie’s face. Make the birthday of your best friend special by giving them from these gifts and making them happy.

What To Get Your Bestfriend For Her Birthday

Awesome Birthday Gifts For Your Best Friend

1. Knock-Knock Bestie Journal

This is a fun journal that for your best friend to fill in. It lets her fill up things about you and why you are best friends. This is one of the personalized gifts that you can give your best friend on her birthday. A sweet and a fun journal that is for the keeps for your best friend and reminds of the memories of you to together. Something that she can carry along with her wherever she goes and have you in her memories and remember everything fondly.

2. A pillow with a friendship quote

Gift a throw pillow on the birthday of your best friend that has the friendship quote printed on it. It lets her know that she is a true blessing in your life and that you will be there through her thick and thin. A room decor item that she can place on her couch and remember you for gifting it to her. A wonderful gift that she can cherish and have it for the keeps remembering you fondly.

3. Friendship quoted wall plaque

This is a wall plaque that is made in chinaware and adds to the beauty of the decor when you gift it to your best friend. It has a beautiful quote about friendship and lets her remind of how good friends you are. You can place it in your living room or your office. A nice gift that lets your friend look at it every day and remember all the wonderful things you two have done together and made wonderful memories.

4. Where The Crawdads Sing- New York Bestseller

A bestseller that has a beautiful story and is reviewed by the Hollywood actress, Reese Witherspoon. For your best friend who is a voracious reader and loves fiction, this is the best gift you can give for her to spend time doing her favorite activity, that is reading. Where The Crawdads Sing is the story that is said to have moved your emotions to deeper levels and makes you think for many days about the story and its characters. There are many moments in the story that touches your soul. A beautiful gift that you can give your best friend who is drowned in the world of books and imagination.

5. Set of Rom-Com Dvd’s

Rom-coms over the weekends is one of the favorite things your best friend would love to do. Gift these set of DVDs that have 2 sets of rom-com movies that she can enjoy over the weekend. Awesome films that have women themes and mushy stories. These are a collection of gem films for the romantic heart who loves all things sweet and nice. Your best friend will adore you for giving this gift. A collection of movies that they can add to their collection of other favorite items and things that they love to do over the weekends.

6. Novelty Socks With Funny Quotes

A funny pair of novelty socks that have funny quotes printed on them is a cool gift to give your best friend on her birthday. These are simple and awesome gifts that your best friend would love to receive on their birthday. These socks are comfortable to wear while reading or watching television. They come with soft material and can be worn for a longer duration of time. They keep the feet warm during the cold seasons and work as a nice gift idea for giving your best friend on her birthday.

7. Wall Decor and Photo Frame

Gift this simpatico wall decor and a photo frame combination to your best friend on her birthday. It lets her hang all the beautiful pictures on the wooden frame that comes with clips. It makes a great gift that lets her display beautiful memories and brings a smile on her face. It comes with a minimalistic design and has an adjustable rope length. A unique gift for your best friend that she can use and decorate her room with. If you are unsure what to get your best friend for her birthday, gift her this wall decor-photo frame combo.

How Long Should A Baby Sleep In Pack N Play?

How Long Should A Baby Sleep In Pack N Play?

Introduction to Pack n play

Mommies out there know how well does Pack n play work for them when they need a moment away from their baby to finish up some work. Pack n play is a sleeping bassinet or a playard where your toddler can rest during his baby years. It is comfy, playful, and can get your baby to sleep faster with an option to swing the sleeper.

Safety first

  • Pack n play is like a crib totally safe and convenient to leave your baby to sleep in it.
  • Pack n play is usually credited to build a safe sleeping environment for the babies once pit in them.
  • They have playard sheets instead of a mattress which is quite comfortable for the babies to sleep in.
  • They are the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards approved and thus safety guaranteed.

For new parents looking to consider to invest in a pack n play for their newborns may have a bundle of questions to be answered before they make their choice. We have targeted a list of questions one may have especially the usage limit of the pack n play which is the most highlighted upon the topic in this article.


How long do they sleep in it? Babies can sleep in the pack n play till a certain age beyond which they might start to outgrow the bassinet.

  • Pack n play can be used for different purposes which you might want to consider as a pro for buying one for your little one.
  • You can use it as a diaper station to change your babies diapers at intervals.
  • It can be used as a play space for your baby to entertain himself or herself with the toys and entertaining attachments to the crib.
  • Lastly, it can be used as a crib for your baby to sleep peacefully.

How do you know it’s high time to eliminate the Pack n play from your baby’s life?

There are various factors along with the age which might give you a signal that it is time to get rid of the Pack n play from your baby.

1. Weight

If the Pack n play has a bassinet attachment to it then one should ensure stop using it once the baby crosses a weight limit of 6kgs. Ones without the bassinet may handle a weigh of upto 14kgs. Beyond this limit, it might get risky for your baby to stay in the pack n play. Since over a certain weight the bassinet may not be equipped to handle the baby and its joints may be pressured.

2. Height

One of the most important factors that decide the usage of the pack n play is the height of the baby. Even if the baby’s weight is under the said criteria sometimes height can play a factor for the baby to get out of the pack n play. Usually, pack n plays are wide enough to accommodate babies with a height of around 85-90cms. Above this height, the baby might try to climb out the crib and in the process may hurt or meet with an accident.

It is either the height or the weight, whichever milestone the baby reaches first, that decides whether it is high time for the baby to leave the pack n play or not.

3. Other factors

Apart from the important two factors stated above there are other elements such as age, pack n play’s a condition, baby’s activities and enthusiasm to be taken into consideration to decide upon the deadline of the pack n play for the baby.

Usually, the baby can be kept in the pack n play until he/she turns 3 months or so.

If the baby has learned to roll over, pull up and has started to learn to climb out then these are some indications regarding the end of the validity of the pack n play.

Last words

You may not know but babies need constant surveillance regarding their activities and surroundings to keep a check on their safety and well being. Thus, the guardians or parents are someone who should keep a regular eye on these basic things and activities of the kids and should be aware of the right time to change its habits.

Buy This, Not That – a Mom’s Guide to Looking Fashionable in Your 30s

Have you ever looked at those moms that always seem so put together and stylish and found yourself wondering how they do it? It’s quite normal to reach a point in your life when you look at your wardrobe and realize it’s no longer fashionable, it doesn’t work for your lifestyle, nor is it flattering to your body.

Buy This, Not That - a Mom's Guide to Looking Fashionable in Your 30s

Women tend to go through different phases in life where fashion is concerned, which requires them to stop, take stock of what they’ve got, and look for ways to revamp and reinvent themselves in a way. Typically these phases are tied to milestones in your life such as becoming a mom, starting a new job or getting that big promotion, suddenly finding yourself single again, or celebrating a big birthday. Here we’ll take a look at two of those milestones that have likely affected your fashion sense – entering your 30s as a mom. [Read more…]