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Sinusitis: When To See a Doctor

We’ve all been there. First, there is the pressure behind your eyes. A headache begins to form as the pressure builds, and soon, your sinuses are completely blocked. A sinus infection, or sinusitis, can be a miserable experience.

Sinusitis: When To See a Doctor

Many people believe that sinusitis is caused by an infection and is therefore contagious. However, sinus infections are caused by inflammation in the sinuses, which traps fluid and breeds germs. This condition is not contagious and won’t spread through families or classrooms. [Read more…]

Signs That Your Dog Has Allergies

There are millions of people that deal with allergies regularly! Allergies can mean runny noses, itchy or watery eyes, sneezing and plenty of other discomforts that can come along. Did you know that dogs are just as susceptible of getting allergies but they can’t tell us what they are going through.

One of the most common symptoms of people with pets that have allergies is itchiness! Allergies are common when it comes to dogs and you will often find your dog scratching or even biting themselves to get some relief.  You can choose to take your dog to the vet or try using a mild shampoo that can offer some temporary relief if your pet is suffering from allergies due to trees, pollen or grass that may be able to be washed off. [Read more…]

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Nieces & Nephews

Finding the perfect gift for your brother or sister’s children can be really difficult. To start with, they probably already have a plethora of toys at home already, and you don’t want to end up gifting something they already have.

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Nieces & Nephews

It can be a bit of a minefield finding the perfect gift, so here are a few ideas that you should choose from, depending on your niece/nephew’s age. It is also worth clicking onto a site like Wicked Uncle, as they allow you to filter down gifts by budget, age and gender, ensuring that you find something that is perfect. [Read more…]

How To Protect Your Children On Their Smartphones

Now is the times when kids need to have cellphones. Not just as a form of entertainment, but as a way to get a hold of mom and dad at all times! Being a parent it can be hard to decide when is the perfect time to get your child a phone. Today, children are online from as young as three years old, with the average age of a child receiving their first smartphone being just 10.3! Did you know that according to statistics, a quarter of children have pretended to be older in order to get an account online, while it’s also claimed that almost a third of parents allow their kids to use the internet freely without any restrictions?

Below you will find some helpful information on How To Protect Your Children On Their Smartphones

How to Protect your Children on their Smartphones


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