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If Only Time Travel Were Real

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your past self? Would you give yourself advice about a relationship that you are currently in? Would you tell yourself to go for the job interview that you aren’t certain about because you’ll end up happier in the long run? What about moving? Would you wish you had made a change and moved somewhere else? All of these are typical pieces of advice many of us wish that we had known in the past to help change the way our future turned out.

If Only Time Travel Were Real

Get Out of That Relationship

Maybe you are thinking about a relationship that you were in. It was holding you back. You weren’t with a terrible person; you simply were not meeting your full potential. This person allowed you to get in a rut. Instead of cheering you on to try to better yourself, you became complacent. Perhaps the relationship was actually not a healthy relationship at all and you wish you didn’t waste so much time and energy on someone that wasn’t going to work out anyways. Many adults wish they could go back in time and tell their past selves that they should move on and get out of a toxic or dead-end relationship. [Read more…]

7 Signs That Your Child Needs Emergency Medical Services

Whether they pick up a virus from another student at school or fall off of their bike, all kids get sick or injured on occasion. Most of the time a child’s illness or injury can be treated at home with basic first aid, good nutrition, fluids and rest, often with the help of over the counter medications. But there are times when a child becomes ill or gets hurt and he or she needs emergency care

7 Signs That Your Child Needs Emergency Medical Services

There will be times when a child’s need for a trip to the emergency room is obvious to a parent or teacher, such as when he or she has broken a bone. But there are other times when the need to take a child to the hospital or urgent care clinic might not be so apparent, especially for first time parents who do not have a lot of experience dealing with children’s medical care. [Read more…]

Heat Illness In Children: What Parents Should Know

While we may be approaching winter and not necessarily thinking much about heat, as the weather gets warmer every year, we inevitably hear about the horrible effects of heat-related illnesses and particularly those effects on children.

For example, an average of 37 times a year, a child dies of heatstroke in a vehicle. 

What many parents might not realize when it comes to so-called hot car deaths is that it doesn’t even have to be summer for these to occur. [Read more…]

Should You Use Fat Reduction Treatments To Get Rid of Pregnancy Weight?

Pregnancy weight gain might be necessary, but it can cause a lot of problems down the line, especially if you gain too many pounds. Being overweight increases the risk of postpartum depression and generally weakens your health, which is bad for both yourself and the baby at this point.

Considering all the negative implications of this excess weight, it’s no surprise that women want to get rid of t as soon as possible. Fat-reduction treatments appear especially appealing at this time because they, seemingly, offer fast results. However, they aren’t the “cure-all” solution you might think them as.  [Read more…]