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How Busy Moms Can Beat Foot Pain

Moms have it rough. If you’re a mom, you know exactly what it takes in terms of energy and focus and stamina to go from sun-up to midnight with your kids. Somewhere in there, you’re exhausted before lunch, and then the pain starts. One of the areas of the body where the pain is a daily battle is in the feet. What you need most are some tips on how to beat foot pain when you are constantly on the go as a mom.

How Busy Moms Can Beat Foot Pain

Choose the Right Footwear

You see these moms out there walking around in stilettos or high-heeled boots or some other insane fashion statement. Sure, they look good, but their feet have got to be killing them. As much as you may want to sport similar hot-looking shoes, it just is not worth the pain halfway through your already long day. With this in mind, wear shoes with arch support to reduce foot pain. There are plenty of sensible shoes with the right support that still looks really good on your feet. If you aren’t sure which shoes to buy, ask your orthopedics doctor for suggestions.  [Read more…]

Aging Well: Make 2020 Your Healthiest Year Yet

As we age, it can seem that time moves faster and faster, and that change becomes a constant. You may hear different terms used to describe the transitions we each face, everything from “empty nester” when your kids move out to “retiree” as careers wind down. And while it’s certainly natural to feel some anxiety as each of us adapt to a new normal, the key is to avoid it turning into a downward spiral that affects our mental and physical health.

One way to cope with each of these evolutions is to focus on what is in our control, such as our mental, physical, and financial health. If you can take the steps necessary to master these, then you can learn to enjoy life, no matter what age you are. So, read on to learn some simple steps for making 2020 your healthiest year yet!

Aging Well: Make 2020 Your Healthiest Year Ye

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Mental health can be a significant stressor, especially for those in the 65 and older camp. The words dementia and Alzheimer’s strikes fear into many older adults’ hearts. But aging doesn’t necessarily mean developing one of these debilitating diseases, especially if you follow some key advice to lead a brain-healthy lifestyle. [Read more…]

How To Set Goals You Can Actually Achieve

Do you set goals for yourself, but then find you get further into a slump when you aren’t achieving them? This could be due to several reasons, from not being ambitious about your goals, not setting realistic and manageable goals, not holding yourself accountable, and not celebrating when you hit milestones all play factors in not accomplishing your goals.

So how do you set goals that you can achieve? First, we need to have ambition. What does ambition mean in relation to achieving goals? Well, it means having a strong desire and determination to accomplish something. Your enthusiasm keeps your focus on the object and targets ahead to achieve your goals.  [Read more…]

If Only Time Travel Were Real

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your past self? Would you give yourself advice about a relationship that you are currently in? Would you tell yourself to go for the job interview that you aren’t certain about because you’ll end up happier in the long run? What about moving? Would you wish you had made a change and moved somewhere else? All of these are typical pieces of advice many of us wish that we had known in the past to help change the way our future turned out.

If Only Time Travel Were Real

Get Out of That Relationship

Maybe you are thinking about a relationship that you were in. It was holding you back. You weren’t with a terrible person; you simply were not meeting your full potential. This person allowed you to get in a rut. Instead of cheering you on to try to better yourself, you became complacent. Perhaps the relationship was actually not a healthy relationship at all and you wish you didn’t waste so much time and energy on someone that wasn’t going to work out anyways. Many adults wish they could go back in time and tell their past selves that they should move on and get out of a toxic or dead-end relationship. [Read more…]