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Perfect DIY Projects For Any Zodiac Sign

Eventually, everyone reads up on their zodiac sign out of curiosity and to potentially learn more about themselves. Often, readers are surprised that the description matches their personality.

Perfect DIY Projects For Any Zodiac Sign

The associated zodiac sign can assist in revealing the needs and wants of a person for difficult decisions like deciding between homes, perfume choices, or figuring out the next DIY project.

There are many DIY ideas to suit all zodiac signs on Craft Whack. Here are a few DIY project ideas for any person, no matter their zodiac sign. You’ll find something whether you value aesthetics over function or a modern approach over a rustic style.


Aries is fiery and passionate and likes to give everything they have to those close to them. A DIY project that produces giftable items is ideal, such as jewelry making.

Jewelry making is a solo project which suits this zodiac sign perfectly.


Taurus is strong-willed, dependable, creative, and ambitious. As an earth sign, they like earthy tones and should try themed DIY wall art made of cork boards.

Also, try creating a DIY bud vase from concrete.


The Gemini twins are super adaptable, versatile, and social. They’re up for a challenge, so constructing a DIY five-star dining experience with a multi-course menu, complete with paired wine or cocktails, might appeal to them.

Another bold DIY project is to create a Flair Chair. Use an office chair, armchair, or pouf and deck it out with emojis. Engage in emoji-speak to show off the modern, eclectic Gemini flair.


Cancer is the most intuitive sign of the zodiac and often seems psychic. They love the kitchen, which means that a great DIY project is to create baking jars that make refined and practical kitchen essentials.


Leo is the bold, ambitious, and proud trailblazer of the zodiac. As natural leaders, they tend to be trend-setters.

DIY ideas for this daring personality mostly come from revamping something already in their closet. For example, you can design a one-of-a-kind sundress or embellish a pair of jeans.


Virgo is practical, smart, sophisticated, and organized. They’re kind, pay attention to details, and enjoy a craft that requires class and precision.


Libra is intelligent, kind, naturally looks out for others, and typically shines in social settings. Create DIY table centerpieces and find creative ways to fold serviettes for your next dinner. Craft pieces that reflect the preferences of your guests.


Scorpio is loyal, independent, and honest. They don’t easily give up, which makes them ideal for embroidery projects. There are many DIY embroidery patterns available, from a delicate sheer design to cross-stitch.


Sagittarius is adventurous and wanderers. They’re optimistic and prefer looking at the brighter side of things. Creating a positive DIY quote banner in vibrant colors will brighten their spirits and homes.


Capricorn is fiercely determined, which makes complex baking the perfect DIY project for them. Bake French macarons or flaky, fluffy croissants and work your way up to a souffle.


Aquarians are energetic but quiet, deep-thinkers who enjoy helping others. A perfect DIY project might be to create a vegetable garden. Share the home-grown produce of your indoor or outdoor garden with others.

Avoid the Aquarius pet peeve for desktop clutter with a DIY mood board as seen on Ikea Hackers.


Pisces are fiercely intuitive and creative and often called dreamers. They need to feed the imagination. A DIY project ideal for them is watercolor painting to create a personal masterpiece.

Final Thoughts

As much as you would like to believe you have control over your own fate, your zodiac sign can assist and disclose your individual goals and desires. Whatever your zodiac sign, there’s a DIY project to match your creative needs.


Why We Need to Be More Open About PPD

Having a baby is a magical time. You’re supposed to exude that new mom glow and dote over your infant. However, not all mothers welcome their little ones with a flood of happy emotions.

Why We Need to Be More Open About PPD

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a natural and common phenomenon, but it can cause considerable distress to new moms and their families. Unfortunately, the perception that new parenthood is all sunshine and roses compels many women to hide the reality of their experience. Here are four reasons why we need to be more open about PPD if we’re serious about supporting parents in America.  

1. Parents Need More Support Than They Currently Get 

New moms face a challenging road ahead. They experience multiple changes in their physical body and have to cope with a whole new set of demands. One of these could be severe economic stress. The U.S. is unique in not covering everyone under a single-payer health care policy, meaning uninsured moms can face bills as high as $30,000 for an uncomplicated vaginal birth.

As a result of health care inequities, the most vulnerable new mothers often go without the help they need. Many cannot afford a once-per-week trip to their psychiatrist’s couch, even if their condition is severe enough to merit multiple weekly sessions lasting several hours at a stretch, as in aggressive outpatient therapy. Those parents who could use the most extra support may lack health insurance or find it economically impossible to take off work long enough to seek treatment.

The disparities make some scientists theorize that PPD could serve an evolutionary purpose. According to anthropologist Edward H. Hagen of Washington State University, studies have yet to find a link between hormonal fluctuations and PPD. If it isn’t the adjusting estrogen and progesterone, what causes the phenomenon?

The fact that men can also develop the condition lends credence to the theory that PPD evolved to make it more palatable for early humans to abandon infants they couldn’t support during times of scarcity. While this behavior appalls many today, it was a necessary strategy when deciding between feeding an older child who already proved their survival strength rather than taking a chance on an unknown newborn.

However, humanity has come far since prehistoric times. We collectively have the resources to ease the burden and potentially make PPD as vestigial as an appendix — if we create a world friendlier to parenthood.

2. Understanding Could Transform Public Policy 

Perhaps the biggest reason we need to be more open about PPD is to shed light on societal conditions that make parenthood so problematic for many. The U.S. birth rate already plummeted to its lowest point during 2019, and experts believe failure to reverse the trend could pose a national security risk.

However, instead of thinking about warfare, maybe society should address the trying conditions parents face that often result in PPD. Switching to a single-payer health care system would end the international embarrassment of having what other nations consider a poorly developed medical system. It would also allow countless young couples to start the families they want without facing a daunting hospital bill. Imagine if they could devote that cash toward buying a home for their growing clan.

The pandemic illustrated another glaring imbalance in the American work-life equation. In December of 2020, women lost 140,000 jobs — men, not one. Why? Working parents either can’t afford childcare or find services that cater to the new 24-hour-a-day workplace. A crucial part of rebuilding America’s infrastructure must focus on providing adequate care for all little ones and financial assistance for the neediest families.

3. The Next Generation Deserves Healthy, Happy Parents

Change may happen too slowly for many — but it does occur. It often takes place when the older generation passes on new values to the younger ones.

The problem is, children imitate how their parents behave far more than they listen to their words. If today’s youth see their grownups turn to the bottle to temporarily escape an overwhelming juggernaut of stress, they will internalize those feelings of helplessness and resort to negative coping strategies themselves.

Opening up about PPD could teach healthier coping mechanisms. When older children see their grownups go to therapy without fearing the stigma, they’ll learn that reaching out for support is okay. When they witness their folks engaged in healthy coping mechanisms like practicing yoga and going for a walk outdoors, they’ll follow suit.

4. The Whole Goal of Progress Is to Improve Human Existence 

The media loves to use words like “progress,” — but what good are advancements if most people can’t access them? We need to collectively redefine the term as something that uplifts all citizens, not only those with the most privileges.

No job on earth is more vital than parenthood — but current policies and attitudes often fail to reflect its importance. Opening up about PPD can help us remember that human beings are any society’s ultimate infrastructure. The only way you get a nation of people with healthy mental outlooks is to provide caregivers with the support and tools they need to raise responsible, mindful citizens who will contribute their gifts to all.

We Need to Be More Open About PPD — Here’s Why

Far too many parents suffer from PPD alone. Society can provide better support for parents, and opening up about this disorder could raise awareness of the needs human beings have if they want to raise healthy, happy children.


10 Ways For Moms To Love Themselves

As a mom, you’re probably used to putting your kids first above all else. While it’s amazing to be selfless and put your children first, it’s also important to remember that you deserve to be a priority in your own life. Self love isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it’s absolutely possible for everyone, no matter who you are and how you feel about yourself right now. And while different techniques work for different people, there are so many ways to try and get yourself right back on the self-love train!

10 Ways For Moms To Love Themselves

While, of course, everyone is different, there are so many options for techniques you can use to boost your self love. Whether you’re a new mom who is still learning your footing with the process, or you’re experienced, but you’re simply looking to find a bit of support from within, a bit of effort and encouragement can show you just how possible it is for you to love yourself. If you’re looking for the best techniques you can try out to love yourself a bit more — just like you deserve — here are some that are definitely worth checking out!

  • Prioritize Self Care

Putting self care first can sometimes be hard, especially when you have kids in the picture, but in order to show up for those you love, you need to show up for yourself, too. No matter what your preferred form of self care is, taking some time for yourself in order to practice it is a form of self love.

  • Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude for the things in your life might not seem like a direct act of self love, but it certainly can be. Gratitude is all about bringing positivity into your life, and there are so many ways to practice it. From vocalizing it to journaling about it, gratitude can work in your life in so many ways.

  • Use Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about being present in the current moment and using grounding techniques to feel good about wherever you are — and it’s absolutely possible to use that for self love. You can remember all the things you love about yourself and your life through mindfulness, and keep the cycle going.

  • Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

While dieting and intense exercising is often grounded in self-criticism, getting healthy so you can feel good in your body is all about self love. Everything from drinking at least 11 cups of water each day to getting a full night’s rest every night can help you feel better in your body, which can lead to you feeling better overall.

  • Work On Your Personal Relationships

Another great way to show love for yourself is by improving the relationships that serve your life. You deserve to be treated well by the people around you and have positive interactions in the world, and putting the work into your relationships is exactly how you get there.

  • Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations might not seem effective until you try them out. There are so many ways to get into positive affirmations — you can say them in the mirror when you wake up in the morning, you can write them down or you can even say them to yourself in your head.

  • Teach Your Kids Self-Love

While practicing self love on your own is a great way to feel good in your own skin, teaching your kids about self love can also be a method for reminding yourself of the value of self love in the first place. Plus, you can feel great knowing that you’re helping your kids on their own self love journeys.

  • Set Positive Goals

Goal setting is meant to help you accomplish things, but it can also help you lean into the self love you need. Specifically, setting goals for things like self care, compassion and positivity is a great way to feel both accomplished and confident all at the same time.

  • Pick Up Hobbies That Make You Happy

What better way to practice self love than to remember that you’re worthy of spending time doing something that makes you happy? If you have any hobbies that you’ve let go of, it might be time to get back into them. Or, you could always shop around and try something new!

  • Forget What Others Think

Unfortunately, we live in a world where not everybody is going to like you. But listening to what others have to say about you is not the way to love yourself as best as you can. While it’s often not as simple as deciding to forget the haters, it’s worth it to try, little by little. Remember, the only opinions that matter are yours and the people you care about.

How Moms Can Love Themselves

Practicing self love is for everybody, and that includes all the moms out there. Whether you use positive affirmations, mindfulness or goal setting to get yourself there, it’s all about finding what works for you so you can love yourself a bit more every single day, because you deserve it.

5 Tips For Managing Chronic Pain

If you have chronic pain, you know how it affects every area of your life. Anything that can bring you relief benefits you in multiple ways.

5 Tips For Managing Chronic Pain

However, it’s natural to become overwhelmed with all the advice flying around on the internet and in public circles. Practically everyone with an ongoing health condition has rolled their eyes more than once at their aunt’s folk miracle cure — how can you find what’s legit and works for you? Here are five proven tips for managing chronic pain that span multiple ailments. [Read more…]