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Wear Glasses? Do Your Frames Match Your Eyes?

Eyeglasses open up a world of fashionable options – and they should not be overlooked. Why? Because glasses not only sit on your face, but they frame your eyes – the first place people look when talking to you or meeting you for the first time. Think about it. Although you may believe that the Mona Lisa would look just the same if surrounded by a pink and yellow polka dot frame, with feathers and glitter, you would never the less have to admit that the presence of such a bright and colorful frame would live long in your memory, and perhaps even shape the way you think of the painting itself. 

Wear Glasses? Do Your Frames Match Your Eyes?

For those sleeping in the back row, the suggestion is that eyeglasses introduce you and your personal style, and can help to affect the way people think of you. So, why not take the time to choose the right pair of colored frames for when the moment calls for it? The thing is, that to understand which color frames you should choose, you need to understand how to work with your natural features. Today, we’re going to look at matching your eye color to colored frames.

Blue eyes 

If we base our assessment of which colored frames someone with blue eyes should wear for maximum effect on the assumption that any opinion worth listening to has to be heavily biased (otherwise, what’s the point?), we’re going to make a bold suggestion. Blue goes with orange – see EyeBuyDirect for options. No other eye color offers such a stark color match. Brown eyes (see below) can also work with orange, but the contrast with blue eyes is perhaps even greater. 

Brown eyes

Brown is an autumnal color that matches with browns, oranges, and reds. Greens can also work well with brown eyes, but beware that brown eyes are not a licence to wear day-glow green glasses in the misguided belief that the colors technically match well. This can be hard to judge, but shades of deeper brown should be matched to complementary deeper autumn shades, whereas eyes that are a lighter shade of brown may benefit from being surrounded by frames that are likewise lighter autumn shades. 

Green eyes

When you think of green eyes (which are rare, by the way, at about 2% of the world’s population), the mental imagery is perhaps of bright shining jewels. Run with this imagery. Green eyes work well with golds and purples reds – the colors of crowns and jewels. Although, if you do have green eyes, you may wish to really show them off by going for a green frame. Overkill is sometimes the only way to make a statement worth making.  

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