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Trading Skirts: Female Traders Who Made it to The Top

Trading Skirts: Female Traders Who Made it to The Top

Trading calls for a cool head, no matter how things are going for you. In the face of a thrilling day of success on the market or as you pick up the pieces of a major loss, the successful trader knows enough to keep their wits about them, not letting the emotions that come with the situation influence their decision making process. With that said, it might be openly stated that women all over the world are predisposed to be protective, perhaps owing to the maternal instinct inherent in them all. In the trading world, this tendency has translated into women being, on average, less likely to undertake risky trade actions, with a focus on long-term holdings. The prudent nature of women translates to more healthy returns in the long run.

With the numbers stating that one in seven online traders as of last year is a woman, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are plenty of ultra-successful female traders out there. Let’s shine the spotlight at some of the more extraordinarily gifted traders of the fairer sex.

Tracy Britt Cool

From admittedly humble beginnings growing flowers and vegetables in the company her parents run, Tracy applied herself with dedication and tenacity, eventually finding herself a place at Harvard University. From there, she went on to join Berkshire Hathaway, the investment firm owned by legendary investment genius Warren Buffet. It was here that she bloomed under Buffet’s guidance into the unassuming, reserved, yet incredibly gifted trader that she is today.

Jennifer Fan

Having graduated business school with a plethora of degrees in various disciplines, namely statistics, finance, and operation research at the age of 19, it was clear that Jenifer was no ordinary girl. Morgan Stanley was quick to pick up the precocious young lady and put her to work, from which position she would later to transition into an appointment as a portfolio manager and partner at Arrowhawk Capital Management, where she worked for ten years.

At the moment, she manages the $650 million hedge fund that she launched on her own with her customary skill, acuity, and discretion. What she specializes in is pinpointing the relative values in agriculture and energy markets. The tools at the hands of every trader out there may all be the same, from the Fibonacci strategy to the Bollinger bands and everything in-between, but It all comes down to the individual wielding them in the end.

Linda Raschke

Starting all the way from the 80s, Linda’s professional trading history has been busy. She initially specialized in stock option market making while at the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange before making the move to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

As a commodity trading adviser, president of the LBR Group, and a commodity pool operator with LBR Asset Management ( notice that both companies bear her initials ), it’s hardly in doubt that Linda is at the top of her game when it come to trading. She has been invited over the years to speak at various prestigious institutions of learning and traders’ associations, and has managed to put down her trading mindset in a book detailing her high probability trading strategies. It’s a widely read volume in trading circles, as many out there seek to emulate her abundant successes. Linda was a pioneer of the Wolfe Wave technical research method, with which she attained many successes.

Kathy Lien

At the age of 18, when most people are still agonizing over the choice of which major to pick in college, Kathy Lien was stepping up to the podium to accept her degree from the New York University Stern School of Business. She immediately went on to find work on Wall Street. For thirteen years she made her focus the forex markets involving G20 currencies, while working for JPMorgan Chase.

She later signed on to FXCM, the company where she was instrumental in setting up the globally renowned foreign exchange research resource DailyFX.com. Here, her role was the management of a stellar team of pro-traders while delivering commentary and research findings on foreign exchange markets. Her name rings out on various platforms across the world with any interest in trading or foreign exchange markets, with the esteem she is accorded by her fellow traders being aptly demonstrated by the success of her book, Day Trading and Swing Trading in the Currency Market’, an international best-seller.

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