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How to Overcome Career Disappointment and Pursue the Job of Your Dreams

Losing your job or missing out on a new job can be a big knock to your confidence and motivation. Unemployment can leave you feeling demoralised and stressed, particularly if you have family and financial commitments to deal with. In the current economic climate, it is likely that all of us will suffer career disappointment at some point in our lives. The job market is competitive, and some industries are more competitive than others, however this doesn’t mean you can’t continue pursuing the job of your dreams.

Depending on your financial situation, holding out for your dream job may not be realistic. It may be that you have to spend some time in a role which isn’t your calling in life, but this doesn’t have to be forever. It may give you the means to take an evening class or extra training which will stand you in good stead when you apply for your dream position.

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The main thing to remember is to be proactive. Try and do work experience in your chosen industry to give you a feel for the job and something extra to put on your CV. Don’t get disillusioned if you have a ‘bad’ interview. Think of every unsuccessful interview as bringing you a step closer to the one which will be successful. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Most interviewers will be happy to give you constructive criticism which can be very valuable as you continue your search for that dream career.

It’s also important to be realistic. There’s nothing wrong with having career goals but sometimes it’s helpful to keep your options open rather than having your heart set on a particular job. It may be that the job you want is within a particularly competitive industry, or that you simply don’t have the time or money to undertake the training you need.

There are lots of different people you can turn to for support. See how your partner feels about supporting you in your pursuit of your dream job. Perhaps they would be willing to do extra hours at work to help you do the work experience or training you require. You local careers service can also be an excellent source of information and will be able to give you advice on the necessary steps you will need to take to help you land your dream career. If you are a spiritually minded person you might even want to consult a psychic, such as those at TheCircle, to give you a renewed sense of perspective and positivity in your career search. Friends and family can often give you the boost of support and encouragement you need as well.

Although career disappointment can be difficult to overcome, rather than feeling disheartened, try to use your experiences in order to move forward. Nothing worth having in life comes easily but being proactive can greatly improve your chances of being successful in your career search.

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