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Things You Don’t Want To Forget To Pack for Stress-Free Travel

Whether you’re going on a family vacation, a romantic getaway for two, a girl’s trip, or taking a solo trip, there’s something therapeutic about being able to get away from the norm for a while. For the time that you’re away on vacation, you get to throw caution to the wind, experience new things, relax, create memories, and simply have fun forgetting about (even if only for a moment) your daily routines and common life stressors. 

Things You Don’t Want To Forget To Pack for Stress-Free Travel

As wonderful as traveling is, improper planning can quickly turn your therapeutic escape into an utter nightmare. There are several factors that need to be considered when planning a vacation. It’s easy to remember to reserve a hotel room or vacation rental, book airline tickets, and even decide on things they’ll do once you get there. Yet it’s also pretty common for travelers to forget to pack things of extreme importance.  

While you may be able to enjoy yourself without your favorite outfit, pair of shoes, or perfume, if you leave certain things behind, your trip could be ruined before it ever gets started. Below are a few examples. 

Driver’s License and Passport

Talk about a ruined vacation. If you don’t have the proper identification on you, getting around, is nearly impossible. You need your driver’s license and/or passport to purchase tickets, board the plane, and to travel outside of the US. Failure to have these things could result in you being stuck at the airport. There’s also the fact that your driver’s license is necessary for renting a car and making purchases on vacation. 

Credit Cards and Cash

Imagine getting to your vacation destination only to find that you don’t have any means to purchase things you need or want? Sure, your tickets and hotel room may already be paid for, but how do you afford anything from food to the fun activities you planned for your trip? Needless to say, double check your wallet to ensure you have an active credit card and some cash for your trip. 

Chargers and Adapters

You grab your laptops, tablets, and smartphones to take on vacation for you, but leave the chargers and adapters behind. While unplugging on vacation can be beneficial to your emotional health, not being able to get in contact with loved ones back home or perhaps access digital platforms if you’re working while traveling could cause more stress than it’s worth. 


If you or someone you’re traveling with takes medication, you don’t want to leave this at home. This is especially true if you suffer from something serious like diabetes, high blood pressure, or an autoimmune disease. Obtaining medication when you’re out of town or out of the country can be a lot more complicated than you realize causing you to have to end your trip early. Have your prescriptions filled in advance and ensure that you’ve packed them before departing. 

Feminine Hygiene Products

Don’t get so caught up in packing your cosmetics and clothes that you forget to bring feminine hygiene products along with you. Though most women try to plan vacations around their menstrual cycles, mother nature has a way of popping up on you when you least expect it. Starting your cycle without the appropriate pads, tampons, wipes, or period underwear is both inconvenient and uncomfortable. 

First Aid Kit

Of course, you’re not planning to get hurt on your trip, but you never know what could happen. One of your kids could get hurt ripping and running through an amusement park and need a bandage or you could cut yourself while on a hike and need some cleaning solution and ointment to ensure it doesn’t get infected. While you don’t need to have a full-on pharmacy packed for vacation, you should at the very least have bandages, ointment, and saline with you at all times. 

Everyone has had at least one experience where they were so excited to get away on vacation, that they forgot to pack something. While some things are easy to do without on your trip, forgetting any of the above-discussed items will surely stress you out. Therefore, create a packing checklist and ensure you’ve included everything you need to have a good time and avoid the stress. 

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