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Child Injuries – Can Parents Claim Compensation?

No parent or guardian ever wants to go through the anguish of either witnessing an injury to their child, or receiving a call to inform them that their child has been injured in some way. 

Initial thoughts will, of course, turn to the well-being of the child and to their safety, stability, and recovery (i.e. medical treatment). 

Once these things can be established, as a parent or guardian you may begin to question whether the injury was the result of third party negligence, and if so, what can be done to receiver damages and ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to any other child.  [Read more…]

Love on Wheels: How to Make Your Road Trip Romantic

For many, the idea of being cooped up in a cramped car’s cabin for hours on end is not the utopian image or romance. However, if you stop to consider the essential elements of a road trip — ample time alone, together, and away from distraction — you may realize that road trips have the potential to spark sweet passion in any couple. As long as you plan and prepare properly, you and your significant other may have the most enchanting vacation of your lives behind the wheel of your own vehicle

Make Road Trips Romantic [Read more…]