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Love on Wheels: How to Make Your Road Trip Romantic

For many, the idea of being cooped up in a cramped car’s cabin for hours on end is not the utopian image or romance. However, if you stop to consider the essential elements of a road trip — ample time alone, together, and away from distraction — you may realize that road trips have the potential to spark sweet passion in any couple. As long as you plan and prepare properly, you and your significant other may have the most enchanting vacation of your lives behind the wheel of your own vehicle

Make Road Trips Romantic

Drive the Right Car

Not every car is built for road trips, and certainly not every car is built to inspire romance. However, in the center of this Venn diagram is the most utopian vehicle for inspiring love on-the-run.

Generally, road trip cars are the perfect amalgam of large (for storage and leg space) and fuel efficient (to keep costs low). Because interior design and engine standards have taken vast strides in just the last decade, you probably already drive a roomy sedan that gets 35 miles per gallon or a mid-size SUV with hybrid technology. Both of these models can provide comfort and cost savings on a road trip.

However, what makes a vehicle ignite your passion is wholly subjective. Some people feel exhilarated in a speedy, sporty convertible, while others get their vehicular highs from gargantuan models that can just as easily climb a mountain as ride a highway. You and your significant other should analyze which of your current cars is most thrilling to drive or consider investing in something new for an upgraded experience. If you want to take a road trip without driving, you could also use websites like Limo Find to rent limos, party buses and more!

Make the Right Stops

Many novice road trippers assume that a car-based vacation can go one of two ways:

  1. Meticulously plan the mileage for each day, including necessary pit stops for gas and bladder relief as well as nightly lodging and points of interest, or
  2. Eschew any research in favor of a spontaneous chaotic trip governed by fate and chance.

The truth is that neither of these travel plans will succeed as a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation, let alone a passion-inducing lover’s trip. In the first situation, there is no room for experimentation or thrill that creates endorphins and inspires love, and the second scenario is simply a recipe for road-side emergencies and couples’ quarrels.

The key is to mix these two strategies to create an itinerary that both of you will enjoy. For example, it is wise to know directions as well as when and where you can reload on gas and find appropriate sleeping spaces, but while you are driving, you should be open to detours to see unique attractions or beautiful scenery. After all, flexibility is a major advantage to car travel over other forms of transportation.

Pack the Right Snacks

Yes, the car can get boring, and when people get bored, they usually also get hungry. Be prepared! To prevent you and your partner from filling up on unhealthy gas station snacks, you should pack tasty and healthy foods that are easy to stash and grab while you are on the road. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options you probably haven’t even thought of.

Human cultures have long known of foods that are better at inspiring ardor, and you can incorporate these into your romantic road trip for some exciting culinary delights. However, not all aphrodisiacs are ideal for long hours out of the freezer; if you want to avoid food sickness from some off oysters, you should opt for more car-capable foods, like these:

  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • Bananas
  • Pine nuts
  • Figs
  • Pomegranates
  • Pumpkin seeds

Play the Right Music

The road trip is romantic first and foremost because it allows ample time for two partners to talk, laugh, and learn about one another, but even so, after a few hours of conversation, it’s probable you’ll run out of things to say. Instead of listening to desperate silence for most of your trip, you can fill the empty spaces with music to lift your spirits and bring you closer, even when there is nothing left to say.

When you are on interstate highways well out of city limits, you are sure to be disappointed by the radio stations your antenna picks up. You should make sure your music machine of choice — smartphone, iPod, CD player, or cassette tape — is loaded with songs that will make you and your love smile and sing. It might also be smart to bring along an audio book or mix of podcasts in case the music starts to get old, too.

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