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Seven Ways to Make Your Holiday Road Trip Safer and More Fun

Many of us hop in a vehicle when a holiday is just around the corner. We might be traveling to reach a vacation destination or traveling to spend time with family. Either way, traveling in a car can be more affordable and convenient than taking an airplane, but that doesn’t mean it’s safer.

It doesn’t mean it’s more fun either!

There is a rise in accidents during the holiday season because there are more drivers on the road and stress is running high. The last thing you want to do is get into a crash when you’re supposed to be on your way somewhere fun!

You can make your trip safer and more fun at the same time if you spend less time thinking about getting to your destination and more time thinking about the tips on this list.

Know What to Put in the Trunk and What to Put in the Cabin

Packing is important when you go on a trip, no matter what mode of transportation you take. However, when you’re in the car, you also have to think about where you’re going to put everything you’ve packed!

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a large backpack between your legs for hours on end, but there’s also nothing worse than wishing you didn’t leave your headphones in the trunk!

Know what to put in the trunk and what to put in the cabin. Leave large, oversized bags in the trunk and bring a smaller bag with the essentials you and the family want to have during the trip. Making lists to make sure you have everything you need can help. For example, snacks and drinks are a must to have in the cabin, while clothing and toiletries can be placed in the trunk.

Get Comfortable

Make sure everyone is comfortable for the drive. That means dressing comfortably with tips like wearing:

  • Loose drawstring or elastic pants.
  • Light jackets that can be taken off easily.
  • Shoes that can be slipped on and off.

It also means not wearing certain things. For example, bulky jewelry can be uncomfortable if you’re trying to take a nap in the front seat.

It means bringing other items too! Throw blankets and pillows can make naptime more comfortable, as well as keeping cold family members warm. Sunglasses, window shades, and seat cushions can help too.

Mind Your Speed

If you’re spending hours in the car, you probably want nothing more than to get to your destination as fast as possible. By increasing your speed by just a few miles an hour, everyone could get out of the car a lot sooner.

Although speeding is tempting, it’s not a good idea. Over a quarter of all traffic fatalities are due to speeding. Even more, accidents that result in an injury are caused by someone going faster than they should.

It’s much better to slow down and go the speed limit. You may get to your destination a few minutes later, but you’ll keep your family a lot safer.

Make Plenty of Stops

Not only do drivers like to speed to get there faster, they also like to stay behind the wheel as long as possible. Although taking time to make stops can slow you down, it’s important for the safety and the sanity of your family.

Passengers will get grouchy sitting so close together in the car. Not to mention, everyone is going to get stiff and restless. Making stops gives everyone a chance to get away from each other for a minute, stretch their legs, and go to the bathroom. 

It can keep you safer too by giving you a break from staring at the road. A small rest can allow you to tackle the road again refreshed and more alert.

Be Prepared in Case of an Emergency

No matter how good of a driver you are or how prepared you are, accidents happen. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re fully prepared in case of an emergency.

That means knowing common roadside emergencies and how you would tackle them. For example:

  • You should learn what your warning lights mean so you know if you have to make a stop right away.
  • You should learn how to change a tire and make sure you have all the tools in the car.
  • Be prepared in case you need to jumpstart a dead battery.
  • Know who to call if you break down on the side of the road.

You should be prepared for other emergencies too! A first aid kit will make sure cuts and scrapes don’t derail your holiday vacation.

Bring Along Fun Road Game Ideas

Sitting in the car can be boring, especially for children. As long as you have activities in the car, the journey can be ok! Watching movies and listening to music can help, but even that can get boring after a while. Come prepared with a few fun road game ideas that the whole family will love.

Not only is playing a road game fun, it can also help keep tensions in the car low. It’s a lot easier, and safer, to drive a car full of people who are laughing instead of arguing!

Take a detour

It’s true you’ve been planning what to do when you get to your destination, but don’t discount the journey. When tempers are running high and everyone is getting tired of being in the car, it’s a good idea to take a little detour.

There are a lot of fun road trip sights you can visit on your way to your destination. You can make a special stop at a favorite restaurant or find something holiday-themed to do. For example, you could drive through a nearby town and enjoy the holiday lights before you stop for the night.

Whether you’re traveling to be closer to family during the holiday season or your family is looking to get out and enjoy the weather during the long Memorial Day weekend, there are many ways you can make your trip safer and more fun.

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