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How To Personalize Your Home Office

How To Personalize Your Home Office

Do you work from home? If so, you probably spend a whole lot of time in your home office. For those who work from home, their home office is where business gets done. Phone calls, emails, wheeling, and dealing all happens between those four walls. Your home office may just be one of the most important rooms in your house! 

If you spend a lot of time in your home office, why not make it “yours”? Personalizing your home office is a great way to take control of your space. In fact, surveys show that there’s a direct correlation between a personalized office and a positive feeling about your workspace. There’s no reason not to put some personal touches in your home! 

If you’re looking to personalize your home office, here’s our best advice on how to do it. 

Decorate with Family Photos 

These days, we’re taking pictures right and left. Why not use some of that to bring a personal touch to your home office? Family photos are a lovely way to bring family memories into your workspace. More importantly, they’re a great reminder of the people you work so hard for. Incorporate family photos into your space with the following ideas. 

Build a Gallery Wall 

Pick a theme and gather your favorite photos, memorabilia, and more. For instance, make a gallery wall of the kids’ birthdays through the year. You can gather photos from the big days, invitations, leftover party hats, and more. Tie your objects together using a consistent frame or choose items that are in a similar color scheme. 

When it comes to hanging, think “organized chaos”. Rather than hanging items in a straight line or perfect square, go for a collection of things at different heights. You’ll be left with a wall that’s eclectic, unique, and perfectly personal! 

Hang Canvas Prints 

Canvas photo prints are a great step up from a photo in a picture frame. Instead of placing a picture behind glass, canvas prints allow your photos to be printed directly onto high-quality canvas that’s wrapped around a frame. They’re an elevated way to display your family’s favorite memories. 

When it comes to choosing your canvas photo prints, there are lots of different options to give your photos that personal touch. You can choose to get the edges of your canvas in black or white, or even have the image wrap around the edges of your canvas for full-coverage. Add a floating frame on top, or choose to leave the edges bare. 

No matter what you choose, a canvas print is always a beautiful addition to your home office. Hang a large print on a feature wall, or get a bundle of your family’s favorite photos printed and scatter them around the room. 

Bring the Outdoors In 

If you’ve ever felt like having plants in your home just makes you feel better, there’s a good reason. Houseplants are a great way to bring life into an otherwise listless space. 

There are countless benefits adding plants to your indoor spaces. For one, they improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants in the air. There’s also evidence that plants reduce stress and bring blood pressure down. Plus, surveys show that bringing plants into a workspace gives visitors a more positive impression of the business. 

Do you have any greenery in your home office? If not, it’s time you bring the outdoors in! Here are our favorite ways to do so. 

Hang Vines in Your Windows 

It’s official: macrame is back! Time to bring that 70’s staple into the 21st century with macrame plant hangers. A macrame plant hanger is a great vessel to hold a vine or other “trailing” plant in your window. This will provide your plant with plenty of sunshine and add a little interest to any office view. 

Use Snake Plant in Low-light Spaces 

Don’t have a window? Not a problem! There are plenty of plants that thrive in little to no direct sunlight. Snake plant, otherwise known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, is a great option. It can thrive pretty much anywhere with little-to-no light or water. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this plant could be perfect for you! 

However you decide to decorate your office space, just be sure to really make it your own. Share your renovation progress with us in the comment section below.

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