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How To Host A Party When Adults And Kids Will Attend

Life after having children changes drastically from late-night dress-up dinner parties to kid-friendly parties. Unfortunately, it often falls short of entertaining adults as it’s mostly centered on watching kids. 

How To Host A Party When Adults And Kids Will Attend

Personal time with friends and family as adults is important to catch up and bond. Here is the ultimate cheat sheet to follow when hosting an adult party with kids.  


When hosting a party with kids, you cannot afford to avoid planning for meals. Choose one mealtime, and make meals that are suitable for kids. Avoid foods that need a lot of cutlery to eat as it will be hazardous for the young ones to use. 

Avoid hot soups as kids can easily play around them, dropping toys in the whole batch or still pouring the hot liquid on their bodies. Stick with easy-to-eat foods such as pizza. There should be kid-friendly drinks afterward, while adults can rest easy, each with a glass of Rosso Wine in their hands. 

Start the party early

The best way to ensure that kids retain their routines is by hosting a dinner party early enough. Keep in mind that even for different kids, bedtimes often slightly differ, with most as early as 7 p.m. A late-night party will result in overtired kids who’ll cry and complain, spoiling the whole evening. 

Invite more kids

Although the party is primarily for adults, inviting more adults to come with their kids will ensure that kids have playmates. Besides, it’s easier to bond with adults who have kids as a parent and enjoy each other’s company. Inviting more friends with kids will make those with kids feel welcomed instead of an imposition to the rest of the group. 

Stock up on supplies

When partying with kids, accidents will occur varying in degrees. Get ahead and provide enough supplies such as diapers and wipes in the guest bedroom. If you have the room, provide an area where a sleepy child can lie down and sleep until the party is over.

Light up the rooms

A cozy, dimmed lit room with beautiful entertainment is a dream come true for many parents. However, when partying with kids, it’s best to designate areas to play comfortably in light to avoid kids’ meltdowns. Ensure it has enough lighting, and avoid using candles as it’s a fire hazard. 

Take note of entertainment

When picking music that will play for the party, choose one that will make all parents and kids feel comfortable dancing. Even if it’s from the kid’s section with an adult twist, kid-friendly tunes will ensure that everyone enjoys the party. 

Provide activities 

While in the company of other adults and the presence of kids, the conversation is sometimes limited with interruptions from bored kids. Offer kids necessary stimulation items that are attention-grabbing such as a movie or other involved activities such as craft activities, coloring books, board games, and even video games. Adults can have great conversation flowing with great music and food for at least a few hours with the activities in place. 

Remember comfort items

Gently remind all adults coming to the party with kids to bring their favorite comfort item. After some time, the party can be overwhelming, and a comfort item will give a sense of familiarity, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Consider a quiet and warm spot in the house where parents can help calm down a child. 

Hire help

The ultimate move when hosting an adult party in your house is having a helper or two deal with the kids. Pool resources as parents and hire babysitters to watch the kids while having fun with other adults. 

Since it’s a party that includes kids, the sitter takes charge when the need arises. However, if it’s a party that will have some drinking, have designated areas like parents sticking outdoors, out of bounds for kids, while kids have the entire house to themselves. Designate one or two parents to help the babysitter for the night while other parents enjoy adulting. 

When choosing foods, drinks, and even entertainment, provide age-appropriate options to cater to all kids. Ensure that kids have a say in deciding on options available. Have a set of rules before the party starts that both kids and parents agree to avoid disappointments after the party is finally over. 

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