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How To Engage Children In Water Games During Vacation

There is no denying that water games are quite fun and will keep your children entertained and cooled in the warm summer months. The summer months are the perfect time of the year to explore, and there is nothing more fun than spending time around water. No matter if it is a tub in the backyard, community pool, creek, lake, or an ocean, playing with water will help your children to grow and develop in essential ways.

How To Engage Children In Water Games During Vacation

Fun Water Games That Youngsters Can Engage In

Let’s see some great ideas. We’ve listed everything you should know, here.

Water Bottle Relay

This is one of those water games for kids where a lot of running is involved. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your youngster gets some exercise. For this game, you need six buckets, a large nail and hammer, three large plastic bottles, and of course, water.

You just need to gather all the youngsters and divide them into three teams equally. You need to mark a starting line and an end line about 15 feet away and make the kids stand behind the starting line. Hand a bucket full of water and a plastic bottle with 3-4 holes.

The activity’s goal is to fill the empty bucket at the end line on the kid’s water table with the help of the bottle. Also, the container needs to be carried on the head. Once the boy/girl reaches the end line, he/she will empty the bottle in the bucket and hand it to the next youngster. The team that empties their bucket first is the winner.

Water Gun Tag

This is quite a simple leisure activity that has become a favorite of youngsters around the world. All you need for this is a water gun. The leisure activity is similar to the regular game of tag. Here, the ‘it’ youngster will run along with a bucket full of water and the gun. He/she will start tagging other kids (or even adults) with a squirt of water.

Water Balloon War

This pastime is a water-version of the popular paintball. For this game, you will need two unbreakable cups of different colors, food-safe coloring (blue and red), water, and a lot of balloons. There have been various other water balloon games similar to this.

You first need to add liquid to the two separate buckets and add the color to it. Divide the children into different teams. Mark an area for each team that houses the cup. The main objective of the game is to retrieve the other team’s cup and use the balloons as ammunitions. Anyone that is hit by the balloon is immediately eliminated.

Duck Duck Splash

More water games? This leisure activity is a rendition of the classic Duck Duck Goose pastime. You would just need some balloons for this game. Here, the children will have to sit in a circle. On his/her chance, the ‘it’ kid will walk around the circle and call each boy/girl a duck. Once they are behind the one they want to splash, they will yell ‘splash’ and hit the balloon on his/her back or head. The tagged child must chase the one who tagged him/her and catch them before he/she sits back on their place in the circle.

Water Money

It is one of those water games that are great for children who already know how to swim and want to practice their swimming abilities. All you need for this game are a lot of change in the form of coins. First, you need to get all the kids into a pool and form a circle.

You need to toss the coins into the circle, and each young person has to retrieve as many as they can within ten minutes. The youngster who ends up with the most amount of coins wins the game. The best aspect of the leisure activity is that the winner gets to keep all the money he/she has managed to retrieve.


Similarly, there are many other such aqua-based pastimes for youngsters like water cycle games that they can play during their summer vacations. These games can also be played by children and adults together. Always be sure to apply SPF protection to keep your children safe from sunburn. Also, you need to ensure that the youngsters have all their shots updated and cleared medically to play in the water.

Do you know of other water games? Let us know in the comments!

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