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How to Breathe Life Into Your Home In 2021

We can all agree that when we moved into our new home, there was a rush and feeling of excitement and joy that overcame us. 

Of course, as we’ve all lived in our homes for a long while and likely even endured months on lockdown in them during the past year, there’s a good chance you’re looking to spice things up a little for 2021. 

How to Breathe Life Into Your Home In 2021

With that in mind, we have a few great tips for you to breathe new life into your home in the coming year, and they don’t take too much effort at all! Just a few little intelligent changes here and there and you’re on track to a home that feels all-new again. 

Before we get into our article, be sure to consider making a plan of action, developing a mood board and going from there. With that done, you’ll be able to better understand what you want your new decor and interior style to look like. 

That said, let’s get into it!

Kick Things off with a Clean 

Right off the top, the first thing you’re going to want to do is get underway with a deep clean. 

With that in mind, we do suggest simply pushing all of your furniture away from walls and working your way in. Getting your hands on a wall mop is a great place to start too, as you’ll want to kick things off with some incredibly clean walls — because clean walls are easier to adhere things too as well, like mirrors and frames.

Once your home is nice and clean, you’ll be starting off your interior redecorating adventure the right way and beginning things with a clean slate. 

Shuffle Your Furniture Around 

One point or tip we’d highly suggest you try out is relocating some of the furniture in your home and setting up new usable living spaces.

If some of the areas in your home or apartment have gotten a little stale, reinvigorate them by changing how you use them! Push that bed into a new location in your room, move the sofa to a different wall or set it into the middle of the room. 

Consider changing up your home office location, or just move your desk to a new wall to give yourself a little more of a view out the window. 

To end, we ask that you play around with your furniture and find a new set up you enjoy. 

Invest in All-new Furniture

In line with our tip above, you might have found that you need some new pieces to best get use out of a room — or an outdoor space. 

For those of our readers who are interested in forming the ideal outdoor oasis, we suggest getting your hands on an outdoor table or an outdoor setting. These are going to give you a whole lot more liveable space and also a reason to spend a little more time outside. 

We suggest investing in some quality outdoor furniture that suits your location. Outdoor furniture in Brisbane, for example, needs to be suited to tropical elements, whereas wetter locations may need some waterproof furniture.

Go All-out with Decor 

Another key life-breathing activity for your home is restyling with some new decor

Things will get a little tricky here in that you’ll have to make sure your new style doesn’t clash with your old one. You may have to store or throw away a few older decor items to make sure your new style works best. 

Consider things such as throw pillows to add a splash of color, and work to add some extra storage spaces for example, in the forms of wall cupboards and other wall adherable products. 

Style with Plants

To end our list of tips, we can not forget to suggest plants. 

Not only will you find that plants make you happier, less anxious and more productive, but they also look fantastic too. 

Work to incorporate a selection of great new plants into your outdoor and indoor spaces and you’ll be seeing a much happier and more lively home. One of our bigger tips here is to place your plants where you’ll spend most of your time looking at them, and that is typically by the entertainment unit, on your desk and by the kitchen sink. 

With plants in these locations you’ll be able to make use of their positive effects more often and generally feel happier in your home. 

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