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Home Maintenance Jobs To Do Now That Winter Is Ending

During the Winter, our homes take a pretty bad beating. Outside the weather is pretty rough, putting a strain not only on the outside of the home, but on some of the appliances inside as well. With Winter coming to a close, now is a good time to do some maintenance jobs around the home, and ensure everything is in good shape before heading into Spring. Here are just a few of the things that you should check.

Home Maintenance Jobs To Do Now That Winter Is Ending
Check Your Air Conditioning Systems

Before you know it your furnace is no longer needed, and instead you’ll be turning towards your air conditioning system. That makes now a good time to check up on it, and ensure everything is working properly. You don’t want a heat wave to come through and suddenly find out that your AC isn’t  working. Or, your AC might not function at peak efficiency, which just means you are wasting money whenever you turn it on. Call in a local professional to have your AC system serviced now, so that when the time comes, it will be ready to go.

Examine Your Hot Water System

Another system you’ll want to check is your hot water heater. If this system is outside, the winter may have begun clogging up the airways, making the system less efficient. Even if your hot water heater is inside, performing regular maintenance on this system is a good idea to ensure that it not only runs efficiently, but that it doesn’t break down. According to Fix It Right Plumbing, “the cost of repairs can be hefty depending on whats wrong” so this is definitely something to add to your to-do list.

Get Some Painting Done

When Spring rolls around, you aren’t going to want to spend your time indoors. Before the weather warms up entirely, why not get a job done that you’ve been putting off? Painting a room in your home takes some time, and getting it done now would be better than on a nice Spring day. Painting a room isn’t too difficult, and gives a nice refreshing feeling to your home. If you’re unsure of how to paint a room, here are some tips to get you started.

Clean Out and Check the Gutters

During the Fall and Winter, your gutters likely accumulated a lot of debris. This debris makes it harder for water to flow, and the result could be water seeping back into your home. Once all of the snow melts, take some time to clean out the gutters, and ensure they didn’t receive any damage during the Winter storms. The Spring typically brings a lot of rain along with it, so you’re going to want your gutters in good shape.

Check for Roof Damage

While you’re cleaning out the gutters, examine your roof for any signs of damage. Our roofs take a beating during the Winter months, and it’s not uncommon that they receive some damage along the way. If you notice any signs of damage, you’ll want to have them taken care of right away. Another common sign that there is some damage to your roof is when water begins to seep back into the home. If you notice water spots in your ceiling, checking the roof above it is a good place to start. Call in a professional to ensure a properly done roof inspection, and that the inside of your home remains safe from Spring storms.


Look for Broken Branches

Finally, another thing you’ll want to check outside is for any broken branches. Sometimes Winter storms break off tree limbs, but not entirely. If you look up, you may find some branches that are very close to breaking off, and are only waiting for a strong gust of wind. If these branches are anywhere near your home or other property, they represent a risk, and you should take care of them immediately. Even if they are away from your home, it’s a good idea to have them removed before they hurt someone unexpectedly.

Use The Remainder of Winter Wisely

When Spring rolls around, you don’t want to have to worry about home maintenance jobs. The transition between Winter and Spring is a perfect time to get things done. Use the above list to help start your own checklist of things you want to do around the home, and then start checking them off one by one. When Spring rolls around, and your home is safe and running efficiently, you’ll be glad you got it out of the way.

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