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Here’s How Your Children Can Sleep Better at Night

How much sleep are your children getting each night? Is it enough sleep or do they need more? If they are often tired even at the start of the day then most likely they are not getting the proper sleep their body needs.

Here’s How Your Children Can Sleep Better at Night

Everyone needs to have proper sleep adults and children alike. If you don’t get enough sleep, expect that you won’t accomplish much during the day. How can anyone be productive if they are lethargic for most parts of the day? 

Same for children. Aside from sleep-deprivation affecting their productivity, they need it for their growth and sleep gives their immune system a boost.

If they aren’t getting much sleep lately, here’s what can be done to help them get that much needed rest:

Moderate gadget time – The reality is, most of us are dependent on our gadgets. Because why not? It offers so much convenience. We accomplish much more within the day because of our electronic devices.

Similar with the children, this generation arrived with the advent of technology. They grew up with it. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with using these gadgets. As said earlier, they help us in so many ways.

However, too much of anything is bad – including too much screen time. Pay attention to your children’s gadget habits, most especially the time leading to their bed time.

First of all, the use of electronic gadgets can be addicting. When you decide to check it for a few minutes, your session will most likely turn out longer. Also, gadgets like mobile phones or tablets emit a blue light that suppresses the melatonin production of the body.

Why should we look into this? Melatonin is a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns. It tells as when to wake and sleep. The more exposure your children have to blue light, the harder it is for them to sleep.

So when it’s bed time, it should be bed time already for your children. They shouldn’t be reaching out for their gadgets before they sleep. Don’t make gadgets usage a bed time habit for them.

Get a better bed. – Many parents overlook that the bed is the cause of their child’s lack of sleep. How old is the child’s mattress? How long has it been in use? It’s not really a good idea to keep a mattress long after it has served its purpose.

An old mattress is unhygienic. Due to its age, dust mites, bed bugs, and other sorts of allergens are probably nesting in it already. How will your child sleep well when the bed is inhabited by these organisms? They are triggers for allergies and respiratory diseases.

Also, old mattresses are no longer firm. A mattress is supposed to support the body during sleep. Otherwise, you would have muscle soreness all over. How can your children sleep comfortably in a saggy and lumpy mattress? They won’t sleep for so long throughout the night. They would be continuously shifting positions.

Many people don’t like the hassle of getting a new mattress because it’s so bulky to buy one. If replacing mattresses intimidates you, there are several ways to get it with less hassle. Get a mattress in box, you get the same mattress in a smaller package. You can also choose to redecorate the bedroom while shopping for a new mattress too!

You can also buy mattress online and use a mattress coupon! This way you just have to wait for the mattress to be delivered to your home. Don’t prolong it any longer, if that mattress is old – just replace it.

Your child needs it to get the sleep they need. Your child’s health is at stake, so get a new one already.

If you implement these two steps for your child, their sleep could really improve. Let’s give them the sleep they deserve. Cut screen time if you need to, replace that old mattress – do it for your child’s well-being. They truly deserve a good night’s rest.

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