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Easy-to-make Extra Volumized Curls: The Clear Instruction for Busy Moms

Women enjoy making hairdos. When they have curly hair, they wish to make them straight. On the contrary, if ladies possess straight hair, they have a great desire to make curls. Here is the question: is it possible to make curls yourself? If yes, how can you do it most effectively? Read the info below.

What should we know about curlers?

If you want to have beautiful curls, it’s better to get a hair style curler. There are many kinds of those in the market today. After browsing some reviews, you can choose the one which fits you the most. The most popular today are the following ones: BaByliss, TRESemme and Remington. When choosing the one for yourself, you should also consider price and characteristics which will be the best for you.

When thinking of getting a hair curler, you should consider the size of the curls you are planning to make. The range of barrels is the following: from 3/8″ to 2″ widths. Then you should also think about the temperature of your curler. Thick hair tends to stand higher ones. It will also be useful if you wish to make a lot of curls at the same time.

How to make volumized curls: preparatory steps

First of all, start with the simplest thing: heat up the curler. The coarser the hair is, the higher temperature required. The wider the barrel is, the bigger the curls you will manage to get. The most optimal width of the barrel for large curls equals 1″. The heating time should not exceed two or three minutes.

Don’t forget that you should dry your hair properly before you start curling it. It’s also better to use a professional hair-proteсtant so that the hair wouldn’t be spoilt because of such hot operations with them. To make curls even bigger, it’s a good idea to add a curl-enhancing product. One of these can be easily obtained in the hairstyling stores for the professionals.

The next step isn’t hard either: divide your hair into sections. It’s going to simplify your curling process significantly. It’s better to make a ponytail on the top of your head and leave the rest of your hair at the bottom. The hair has to be carefully brushed out so that there wouldn’t be any knots before the beginning.

How to make curls: that’s how we actually do it

Start with taking small subsections of hair and wrapping them around the barrel. The best solution is to begin from the center of the strand. The next step is to twist the iron up to the hair’s roots. Be careful, and don’t burn yourself! Of course, it can be kind of hard at first, but since the training continues, you will get used to the whole process.

The hair has to be held around the barrel no more than for 5-10 secs; otherwise, there’s a danger of burning. After holding the barrel, carefully release the curled strand. This sequence of actions has to be repeated until you’ve finished with the bottom layer.

What should you do with the ponytail on the top of your head? Let down the half of it, let’s call it the middle section. Do everything as it was described until you finish it. Then you can move on to the upper one.

And now, you can probably guess what to do next. Sure, the hairspray! Don’t forget about it, because it will help your beauty to last longer. There’s a great choice of those now, and they vary according to the level of fixation. Just choose what’s closer to you.

Hope that now you are aware enough to make your perfect curls! Use all the advice we gave. Don’t panic if the curls aren’t perfect from the very first try. It’s okay, and it’s just a matter of training! Just start practicing, and soon you will be a real voluminous-curls beauty! Don’t believe it? Then start acting!

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