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Creative and Useful Ways to Market Your Hobby

Whether you are looking for unique ways to make some extra cash on the side or are interested in starting your own business, it will be beneficial for you to market your hobby. Marketing sounds tedious and difficult. However, it is actually quite simple with a little bit of creativity. Here you will find creative ways to market small business as well as unique ideas you may never have thought of. Your creative small business deserves a marketing tactic as unique as you are! Perhaps the most crucial way to gain your clients and keep them is through small gestures.

Creative and Useful Ways to Market Your Hobby

The Small Gesture

Each and every client you gain is overall interested in your hobby. Whether it is knitting or painting, someone out there wants to purchase what you are passionate about. You can thank them for sharing this passion with you through a small gesture that leaves them smiling and coming back for more. A small gesture can include something as simple as a thank you note. Or, you can go all out and give your clients a special gift for them to remember you by. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to add all of your details such as where to find you online, your contact details and what you have to offer. After all, it may turn into more business for you in the long run.

If you choose to give them a token of your gratitude, it should be both creative and useful. You won’t want to give your beloved consumer something they will just throw away. Your message therefore goes unseen by other eyes as well as their own. Here are some unique and useful examples to both market yourself and say thank you.

  • Water Bottles – Water bottles are all the rage in this new phase of “going green”. Use some bright colors that tell your story with your logo and contact information. Everyone uses a water bottle nowadays. Make sure to keep the bottle fashionable and functional and not at all tacky.
  • T-Shirts – If you are really trying to establish yourself as a creative business, get some t-shirts to give to your buyers! Add your creative logo along with a catch-phrase or slogan that tells what you are all about. A free t-shirt is a great gesture that allows your customer something special to remind them of you.
  • Fridge Magnets – Who doesn’t love a magnet? You can never have too many with all that child artwork floating around! Create custom fridge magnets using your name, logo or other eye-catching design with your contact details. Whenever they see the magnet, they will be reminded of your service. Who knows, someone else might see it too!
  • Buttons – Create custom buttons that your customers can wear, share and give to others. Think of a button as a wearable business card. Make it say something catchy and unique so that your clients will want to wear them. Buttons can go on anything and be worn anywhere. This makes them the perfect marketing tool.
  • Seed Paper – This unique idea will give back to your customer and the environment. Type a nice thank you note on custom seed paper that they can plant once they are done reading. These come in various types and seeds. The next type your customer sees that beautiful wildflower bush, they will remember you!

All of these ideas and more are open for your creative interpretation. From custom fridge magnets to paper that grows flowers, you are sure to impress with a simple gesture for your customers. Although it be a small gesture, it can make a big impact.

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