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Handling The Psychological Aspects Of Being A Work At Home Mom

To a mom, being able to work at home seems like a win-win all around. She can be there to raise her children while still having the financial means to pay the bills. No more crazy mornings trying to get to work on time, worrying about having to take a day off to do something personal, or competing for promotions in the office. It’s the perfect way to gain control of your work-life balance! Or so it would seem. However, what often isn’t shared is the emotional shift you go through being a work at home mom. 

Handling The Psychological Aspects Of Being A Work At Home Mom

Many women jump into this position looking only at the advantages and find themselves spiraling out of control after a few months of working from home. They become sad, stressed out, or simply burn out. It reduces their ability to parent their children effectively. Some even suffer from relationship problems.  [Read more…]

Using Internet Technology To Make More Money

Most people would agree that money can sometimes be tight, and most of us could use a financial boost from time to time. However, nobody wants to end up getting into debt with credit cards and loans in order to do this, so what is the answer? Well, if you need to make some extra cash, whether as a one-off or on a regular basis, you can turn to internet technology.

Using Internet Technology To Make More Money

We go online to do all sorts of things these days, such as online shopping, socializing, entertainment, and even using specialist services like cell phone number lookup tools. Another thing you can do online is to make money, and there are various ways in which you can do this. In fact, many people now make their living by using this technology, so there are options available to suit all needs. In this article, we will look at a few of the ways in which you can make money using internet technology to help ease the financial strain . [Read more…]

Why Entrepreneurs Need A Contract Before Starting Any Work

Over the years there has been many changes with our economy. Before your goal was to work for the same company for many years while growing your retirement fund in hopes of retiring early. Today employees are no longer expected to retire from the company in which they started their career in and usually end up changing employers many times throughout their career path. Many are actually taking a path that consists of temporary and flexible jobs and live in what some may call a “gig economy”. A world which is characterized by the widespread presence of short-term contracts or freelance work that is performed by independent contractors, freelancers or consultants instead of permanent and long term jobs.

Why Entrepreneurs Need A Contract Before Starting Any Work [Read more…]

Maintaining Your Home As A Working Mom

If you find yourself having to juggle both being a mother and being a professional, you’re not alone, in fact, you’re in the majority. Government statistics show that 70% of households out there with children under 18 also participate in the workforce. The bulk of these women, 75%, are holding down full time jobs. In addition, we see 40% of those households in the country have a mother as the primary or sole earner. In some cases, it’s a source of pride in order to be an earner and a mother, but it can also be a source of frustration when it comes to figuring out how to keep your home in order while excelling at work. Here are some tips to maintain the balance.

Maintaining Your Home As A Working Mom [Read more…]