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7 Benefits of Eating Lobsters for Kids

Though it’s often thought of as an indulgent dish, lobster can actually be incredibly healthy, especially for little ones. Kiddos can grow up healthy and strong with a diet that includes nutritional seafood options like lobster. Learn more about the health benefits of eating lobster and tips for ensuring your kids’ lobster meals are healthy rather than heavy.

Nutritional Info

Kids and lobstersImage via Flickr by Tim Pierce

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Famous Party Foods to Serve to Your Guests

One of the key ingredients to a great party is ensuring your guests have enough nibbles and party food to keep them going until the wee hours. If you get the balance right, people may end up talking about your spread more than any of the party gossip!

Here are some of the classic go-to party foods you should serve your guests to ensure everyone is kept happy and partying away:

Cheese and Pineapple Skewers

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