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6 Tips To Read Before Finding Your Own Personal Assistant

Choosing a personal care assistant means knowing who can do it and how they get paid. Plus, the person should be able to perform the necessary tasks with a positive attitude. Before finding your assistant, check out these six tips first to make an educated choice.

6 Tips To Read Before Finding Your Own Personal Assistant

How Can I Cover the Cost?

Thanks to New York State Medicaid, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), makes it possible for consumers to select and hire their care assistants. A consumer can choose a friend or family member to get paid for taking care of them by directly enrolling in this CDPAP program. Medicaid covers the cost of eligible consumers. To be eligible, you must need home care, have Medicaid, and be able to make your own decisions or have a representative who can do so on your behalf. 

Who Can I Choose to Be a Caregiver?

Choosing a caregiver is a life-altering decision, and it is crucial to know who can get paid to provide these services. Children can get paid to take care of their parents, and siblings can take care of each other, but spouses cannot hire each other to be paid assistants. A parent can get paid for taking care of children over the age of 21 who choose their parents as caregivers. Other friends and family members can also get paid to provide care, even if they are immigrants. An immigrant must provide all required papers and prove updated legal status.

Why Should I Choose Someone I Know?

Home aides are limited in the tasks they can perform and the medications they can administer to patients. CDPAP assistants are permitted to do more than visiting nurses, including injecting insulin and administering oxygen. Health care from a CDPAP assistant tends to be more efficient and comfortable for the consumer. No license or certification is required for a friend or family member to act as a personal care assistant, and necessary training is provided. Choose a caregiver who understands the importance of education, safety, and comfort at all times.

How Do I Find the Right Caregiver?

Talk to friends and family members about caregiving and what they perceive it will look like. Discussions such as these help you determine which person would be right for the job. Discuss issues such as taking time to themselves to rejuvenate and how they can get others involved to help. A person who is well-organized, communicative, and forthright is the right choice. Add a dash of compassion and caring for a comfortable care situation patients can depend on.

What Can My Caregiver Do For Me?

A caregiver must get a full physical exam, including proof of measles/rubella immunity and a TB test. Training is provided to the candidate, with no licensing required. A CDPAP personal assistant can do almost anything a registered nurse is permitted to do, such as injections, administering oxygen, and making home visits to check on the patient’s overall comfort. Training and guidelines are supplied to the caregiver, so both the patient and assistant know what to expect.

Do I Have to Pay Anything?

Patients have peace of mind when they know care is being provided without a bill coming at the end of the day. For eligible consumers, the cost of this caregiving program is paid to ensure they can get the care they need when they need it most.

Hiring a personal care assistant is a big decision. Based on these facts and guidelines, you can make the right choice for your unique needs.

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