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4 Best Cool Cars For Moms

Before deciding which car you’re going to opt for, have you thought about going cooler this time around?

Why does being a mom mean we all have to drive minivans? It’s 2020! There are plenty of cool cars for moms that meet our needs—even when that involves a growing family.

4 Best Cool Cars For Moms

Seriously: why saddle yourself to a car you hate driving just because it seems more practical? Have you considered how much time you spend in your car? Don’t you deserve to feel good in it?

Face it. Moms are literal SUPERHEROES. If moms have to sacrifice their hardearned weekends shuffling their kiddos between practice and try outs and rehearsals and lord knows what else, they should at least get to look cool doing it!

So here it is. The top 5 coolest cars for moms.

But first, what are we looking for when we look at these car? And, even more importantly, what MAKES a cool car….cool?

What We Look For

There are three main practical factors cars need to reach before they can even be considered for the title of “coolest car.”

For the practical, we are looking for at least enough seats to accommodate your average family. I’m talking about two parents, three kids, and enough trunk space for the family dog, too.

Next we should be considering storage space. How much luggage could you haul on a cross-country family trip? Are the seats foldable?

And of course…cupholders. Can’t forget about the cupholders.

Finally, consider drivability. How adaptive is this car to dramatically different seasons? What climate will this car thrive in? Is this car safe enough for a young family?

What is “cool”?

Great question! What makes a cool car cool? Well, you could argue that it’s subjective…but this is my blog.

Look for features that go above and beyond to make a mom’s life easier. Optional extra storage, heated seats, grocery hooks…I could go on.

A cool car should make your average mom’s wild workload look AND feel effortlessly impressive.

But honestly, this mostly comes down to aesthetics. You don’t want to waste your driving years touting around a “mommyvan.” You want something that reflects how accomplished and awesome I feel.

Best 2-Row SUV

The best 2-row SUV is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, hands down. Just look at it! You can’t ignore it. It’s got an aggressively large body, built for safety and performance, and it just looks sporty. It conjures up images of classic Americana cool.

While the storage space isn’t a slam dunk, it has rear cross traffic alert AND blind spot monitoring as standard features. How can you beat that?

(Dear reader, you can’t. You just can’t.)

It seats five, so that average American family as described above is safe to ride. And if you are looking for a car with an extended car warranty, California residents may be in luck!

Best Midsized Passenger Car

Don’t be fooled: while the Honda Accord is a name you’re probably familiar with, you probably know nothing of this car’s storied history of reliability, budget friendliness, and overall cool factor.

This car has ample trunk space, plenty of leg room, and an awesome safety score. Plus, it seats five people! That is as good as many SUVs on the market, and the storage space probably even surpasses a few.

Best Midsized SUV

The Audi Q7 is considered a luxury car, but I think it progresses beyond the standard stuffy luxury brand image. The Audi Q7 is a truly stylish wonder, built for families in mind but styled for the most discerning of cool moms.

The Audi Q7 offers families a lush transportation experience. And it’s super roomy: it seats seven people. It has all wheel drive and athletic style handling for peak performance.

You can opt for a V6 engine, but it does not come standard. (However, I highly recommend it if you are interested in top performance at high speeds.)

Best Extra Large SUV

The Lincoln Navigator sports that classic Lincoln aesthetic but brings it into the modern age. The best thing about the Navigator is how ridiculously large it is. While the Lincoln brand is technically a luxury brand, there is a lot in the Lincoln Navigator that suggests the company adopted a more practical, rather than lavish, approach to designing this car.

For one, the radio and entertainment system is rather bland and uninspired.

Additionally, there isn’t much to be found in the way of extra features. You are, however, getting a reliable ride in a slick package.

If you and your clan take a lot of road trips, this is the car for you! The amount of leg room you get is something other car companies can only DREAM of.

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