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Why Is There A Bad Odor Coming From My Drains?

If you suddenly detect a bad odor from your drains then you need to investigate quickly. Sewers will emit a gas called methane, or hydrogen sulfide. In large quantities this can be flammable and if you breathe it in it is harmful to your health.

Why Is There A Bad Odor Coming From My Drains?

If you smell sewer gas you should contact your local plumber in Sydney as quickly as possible to have the cause located and remedied.

Of course, if you like to fix things yourself or want to have an understanding of what the issue is then you need to read on.

Your Plumbing System

The pipes from all your appliances are linked to the main sewer or your septic tank via a large pipe; generally referred to as the stack.

Every waste outlet will incorporate a U shaped bend. This is to trap a little water as the gases cannot pass the water.

In effect the water is your smell blocker.

The large stack should have an opening at the top which allows fresh air in which will allow the sewer gas to escape.

The principle is simple and fixing the smell issue is also generally simple; once you’ve figured out what the issue is.


If you haven’t used your appliance for a little while then it is possible that the water trapped in the U bend has simply evaporated; allowing the sewer smell in.

To test this all you need to do is use the appliance and allow some fresh water down the drain.

The effect should be virtually instant.


The next step, if the smell is still lingering; is to check for leaks.

If the U bend is leaking then it cannot hold the water which blocks the smells. Run your hand across the U bend to feel if it is dry or not. Then repeat after running the tap. You can then tighten the connection of this is the issue.


All sorts of clogs can occur in your home. After all, hair and all sorts of other debris go down your sink on a daily basis.

The clog usually occurs on the U bend as this is the hardest section of pipe to negotiate.

You will need to unscrew the trap to check and remove the clog. It is not a particularly pleasant task but an essential one!

t is then a good idea to take steps to avoid clogs happening in the future.

It is worth noting that if the toilet has water in it and flushes okay then there is not likely to be a problem with it.

Call The Plumber

If the above steps have not cured the issue then it is most likely that you have a crack or some sort of damage to your pipes.

You’ll need the expertise of a professional plumber to locate the issue and fix it for you. After all; most of the pipes are not easily visible. A plumber will use a smoke machine or a camera to locate the issue and then get it fixed for you.

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