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What to Know When Pooling Resources To Gift As A Group

Group gift giving can be a great way to simplify things when you’re trying to save money, but still give someone an amazing gift. When you and your friends, family and colleagues pool your resources, you can choose a much bigger item for the gift recipient, and you get to benefit from not having to figure out the right gift on your own too. 

What to Know When Pooling Resources To Gift As A Group

Buying a group gift is a win-win , regardless of whether you’re pooling your money for a bride and groom wedding gift, buying something for the boss at work, or just trying to deliver the best possible birthday gift to someone close to your heart. Of course, just like all forms of gift giving, this strategy usually comes with a few golden rules to be aware of. 

How Much You Need to Spend

Buying a group gift can be a difficult experience if you’re new to it, as you’re never sure exactly how much you should be spending. Start by speaking to the other people in your group to see how much they can afford to hand over. Does everyone want to spend the same amount, and can you ensure that everyone feels comfortable with the budget. 

If you find that some of the members in your group can’t afford to spend the rest as everyone else, you might need to decide whether some of you are happy to pay more, or whether you should look for another gift that’s more affordable for everyone. 

Consider the Gift Card

A gift card is an often overlooked part of the shopping experience when you’re buying gifts for someone you love. It can be extremely difficult to determine what should go in your chosen gift card, and whether you should add the same amount of attention to everyone in your group. Ideally, if everyone lives close to each other, or you know that they’re all getting together before the event, you can think about signing the card as a group. 

If you’re all apart, then you could consider looking at digital websites where you can create a card together and all add your name that way, or you could all send separate cards that each reference the group present. 

Who Actually Buys the Gift

Once you’ve got the confusion of gift options, budgets, and cards out of the way, then you need to figure out who’s going to actually make the purchase. The person who is buying the gift should generally have access to all of the money before they buy anything – so make sure that they’re not left waiting around forever for everyone to add in their cash. 

If you know someone in your group who might be able to get a better deal on the item in question, then you can always reach out to them and ask for their help. You might also want to look into whether you can get the gift delivered to the couple or person that’s going to receive it. Otherwise, you might need to spend a little more on sending it after it arrives. 

Choosing the Ideal Gift

Finally, the only thing left to do is to make sure that you’re picking the right gift for your chosen recipient. If you’re giving something as part of a wedding present, then you could look at the registry that the company signed up with for some inspiration. Alternatively, you can simply ask the person in question what they really want more than anything else. 

If you’re going in on a present with lots of people, and you’re not sure what you should be getting, ask everyone to share their ideas, and then you can all vote on the one that makes the most sense. Remember, you should probably expect to pay a little more on a group gift. 

Is An Extra Gift Necessary?

If you’re buying a group gift with a lot of extra people, you might think that it’s also important to buy a special “extra something” that’s just from you. If that’s the case, you should usually only consider this option if you’re planning on spending a very small amount, or you have a particularly close relationship with the other person. 

Try not to go over the top by buying another massive gift, as this will just make the other people in your group feel uncomfortable and perhaps even embarrassed – like you’re trying to outshine them. Stick to just the group gift. 

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