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Water Softeners Improve Your Water and Your Life

Hard water is exactly what it sounds like. After all, it’s filled with hard minerals and metals that give it a cloudy appearance. It can also make your life difficult if you have a skin condition like eczema since it can be a real irritant. It takes away the effectiveness of everyday soaps, so that doing something as simple and everyday like taking a shower will leave you feeling greasy and dirty. The same goes for your dish and glassware. Hard water will leave crusty stains on them no matter how efficient your dishwashing machine. As for the machine itself, hard water will eventually wear out its mechanical components, costing you a small fortune in repairs or even replacement.  

Water Softeners Improve Your Water and Your Life

In order to alleviate the persistent problem caused by hard water, you need to install a water softening system, like the Whirlpool softener, for instance. This water treatment technology will not only remove up to 125 grain per gallon of hard mineral contaminate, but also 10 PPM of clear water iron. What you’re left with is soft water that’s much more potable, washable, and friendly to your washing machinery. 

All that said, how exactly can water softeners improve your water and your life?

Water Softeners Provide Better Plumbing and Preserve your Pipes

The heart and soul of any residential and/or commercial plumbing system are its pipes. Just like the veins and arteries in the human body, when pipes become clogged, real bad things can happen. According to KHTS New Radio, hard water is filled with different elements and minerals that can build up in your pipes over relatively short period of time. The clogged pipes will eventually inhibit water flow resulting in low water pressure. You might even be required to invest precious cash into ripping out old, clogged pipes and installing new ones—a construction project that might also involve expensive wall, floor, and ceiling repairs. But by installing a water softener, you prevent mineral deposit buildup and at the same time, preserve your pipes.  

Water Softeners Save Bundles on Laundry Soap

The hard truth of hard water is that it doesn’t react very well with laundry soap, or any type of soap for that matter. Says KHTS News Radio, when you install a water softener, soap, shampoos, and detergents are able to dissolve a whole lot better. This mean that the soap and the water mix more effectively. It also means you don’t need to use as much soap as you would with hard water, saving you money. Clothing and other fabrics, will not only look and feel cleaner, but so will your hair and your skin. Running soft water through your dishwasher and washing machine will also preserve its mechanical components while keeping its piping and flexible plastic lines free of mineral corrosion.  

Water Softeners are Kitchen and Bathroom Friendly 

Never mind your skin, your clothing, and your pipes, hard water is hard on sinks, showers stalls, bathtubs…anything that comes into contact with it. The minerals that contaminate hard water eventually stick and stain the surfaces of tubs and sinks, making them difficult to clean properly. It’s the same for your drinking glasses, plates, pots, and pans. They too can acquire nasty stains due to mineral deposit buildup. But once you install a water softener, these surfaces and objects will remain much cleaner. You also won’t find yourself cleaning the sinks, tubs, and showers as often either. 

Water Softeners will give you Healthy Skin 

If the hard mineral deposits found in hard water are hard on porcelain and plastic surfaces, just imagine what it can do to your skin and hair. Hard water has a drying effect on human skin. It sucks up the natural oils that make your skin supple and healthy. Once you install a soft water system in your home, you will soon find out what it’s like to finally enjoy both healthy, moisturized skin and rich, lush, clean hair. Did also know that soft water will also give you a smoother, less irritating shave?  

In Conclusion

If healthy skin and hair are important to you; if keeping your pipes free of clogging mineral deposits; if keeping your sinks and tubs free from stains; if maintaining a much healthier lifestyle all around is important to you, then seek out a water softening system that suits your budget. Have it professionally installed, and make sure it’s maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With the money you will save on detergent and soap alone, the water softener should pay for itself in no time.   

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