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Understanding Over-The-Counter Options In The World of Adult ADHD

Adults who experience symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder may prefer over-the-counter options to prescription medications. Whether you have an ADHD diagnosis or you are looking for a way to manage symptoms such as lack of focus and impulsive behavior, it can be helpful to know more about the availability of OTC options for treatment.

Understanding Over-The-Counter Options In The World of Adult ADHD

Understanding ADHD In Adults

Most adults who have ADHD have had the symptoms of this condition since childhood. Some people with ADHD diagnoses have taken prescription medication in the past or on an ongoing basis. Other cases go undiagnosed and individuals do not benefit from treatment.

The symptoms of adult ADHD can resemble the symptoms of childhood ADHD, though children who have ADHD often exhibit hyperactivity more than adults. The symptoms of this condition can present challenges for concentration and focus at any point in an individual’s life. 

Whereas children and teens with ADHD typically experience restlessness that makes learning difficult, this condition can disrupt the lives of adults in less obvious ways. If you struggle with unstable relationships, have difficulty focusing on tasks or projects or fall short of reaching personal goals, OTC anxiety medication that also targets ADHD symptoms could help. 

Common OTC Remedies

Some of the most common OTC remedies include nutritional supplements and stimulants such as caffeine. Supplements marketed as ADHD products for adults may contain omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium or oligomeric proanthocyanidins to support brain function

The biochemicals known as OPCs that naturally occur in certain plant extracts can address some symptoms of ADHD. In general, the benefits of non-targeted treatments are mixed and vary from patient to patient. A holistic anxiety medication that contains a targeted antibody-based treatment can be more effective than nutritional supplements. 

You can take a homeopathic anxiety medication with no contraindications alongside supplements or prescription for ADHD. Any remedy you try is likely to be most effective if you also eat a nutritious diet and get a sufficient amount of sleep.

The Advantages of Antibody Treatment

Antibody treatment addresses an underlying cause of ADHD symptoms. A Lapine S-100 immune globulin mixture works by binding to the S-100B protein in the brain. When this protein is overactive or overproduced, you may experience ADHD or anxiety symptoms. An antibody treatment works by altering the shape of this protein in a way that hinders its ability to bond to target molecules.

Unlike prescription stimulant or non-stimulant ADHD medication, antibody treatment specifically addresses a cause of symptoms and has no off-target effects. Whether you choose to rely exclusively on holistic anxiety medication or combine this treatment with other approaches, you can get all of the benefits of a targeted OTC remedy.

Adults who have ADHD symptoms can make their own decisions about treatment. An OTC holistic antibody medication can be one of the most effective ways to address the underlying causes of ADHD symptoms. A homeopathic medication that you take in low doses up to three times a day can be the best option for treating the symptoms of adult ADHD.

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