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Tips for Packing the Perfect Pool Bag

During the summer, you can visit a local community swimming pool, but you should know what to pack in a bag to have the best day.

Tips for Packing the Perfect Pool Bag

Tip 1: Beach Towel
It is a good idea to pack one or more large beach towels so that you can sit on the deck around the pool or you can place the items on a chaise. You can also use the beach towels to dry your body after swimming.

Tip 2: Sunscreen Lotion or Cream
You must protect your facial or body skin from the dangers of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. By applying sunscreen cream or lotion, you can avoid sunburned skin or long-term problems such as skin cancers.

Tip 3: Swimsuit or Dry Clothing
While you might wear your swimsuit while driving to the swimming pool, you may prefer changing into the item in a dressing room. Make sure to pack your swimsuit along with any dry clothing that you may need.

Tip 4: Reading Materials
If you plan to sit on a chair while watching your children swim, then you should have reading materials such as your favorite novel or magazines.

Tip 5: Hair Care Supplies
You may want to protect your hair while swimming with a swim cap, and you can add this to your pool bag. If you don’t wear a protective cap, then you will need to wash your hair after swimming, so you should bring along shampoo, conditioner and a hairbrush.

Tip 6: Beverages and Snacks
When you are spending a long day at the pool, you will need snacks and beverages. Choose nonperishable snacks that won’t spoil in the heat along with refreshing beverages such as flavored water or fruit juices that will hydrate your body.

Tip 7: Swimsuit Cover-up
While at the swimming pool, you may want to wear a cover-up while sitting on the deck or walking to or from the parking lot. Make sure to roll the cover-up carefully to keep it from becoming wrinkled in your pool bag.

Tip 8: Makeup and Tiny Mirror
After swimming in the chlorinated water of the pool, your makeup will disappear, so you should pack your makeup and a tiny mirror in the pool bag. With your lipstick, foundation and eye shadow, you can maintain an attractive appearance.

Tip 9: Music Supplies
You can listen to your favorite music at the beach by packing high-quality Bluetooth wireless speakers. Modern wireless speakers are tiny, lightweight and easy to pack in your pool bag.

Tip 10: Protective Sunglasses
It is essential to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight, so you must bring along protective sunglasses. Look for sunglasses that have lenses that keep the sun’s ultraviolet light from harming your eyeballs and surrounding skin tissue.

Tip 11: Poolside Footwear
It is a good idea to pack waterproof footwear that you can wear around the swimming pool before and after swimming. Look for plastic shoes or sandals with slip-resistant soles.

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