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Taking A Step Back From Technology

Technology is everywhere, and it can even be found as close as in your purse or pocket. With the rise of smartphone use, people have diverted too much of their time to scrolling through internet sites or sharing memes. It’s time to take a step back and get back to reality, and focus more time on the people around you.

Taking A Step Back From Technology
Dedicated Time

Time speeds by and we wonder where it all goes. Well, there may be an exorbitant amount of time dedicated to electronic devices, especially in today’s day and age. As a culture we have been sucked into phone, tablet and computer use to get our fix, but at what cost? This is time that could have otherwise been spent playing in the backyard with your kids or enjoying a board game indoors. People do get engrossed in the lives of others by clicking, reading, swiping and commenting in such a way that they become detached with the real world.

Over time, they begin to develop unrealistic emotional attachments and rash behavioral issues which affect how they react to people in real time. It’s nothing short of an addiction, and like with any other addiction, it often requires treatment. If you’re in Ohio, you can take advantage of cognitive behavioral therapy Cincinnati, which is aimed at helping people regain a grasp of the important things by examining negative behaviors and thoughts.

Mother’s Intuition

There’s a special something (maybe a spidey sense) that allows a mom to be in tune with her children. With technology as rampant as it has ever been, it’s a good thing to have. Sometimes, there’s an underlying issue which you may not get to see right away, but you can tell there’s something wrong even when your child doesn’t talk about or acknowledge the issue. Technology addiction is a real thing, whether it’s video games, browsing YouTube online or indulging in excess social media.

Get Outside and Enjoy the World

Getting outside seems easy enough, but with technology people are trending on staying inside. It doesn’t have to cost you money to enjoy being outside with activities such as a simple walk in the park, a game of catch, kicking a soccer ball around or biking. Make it a point to leave the phone on the counter, grab a ball and have your kids join you in the yard for a half an hour and spend time personal time with them.

It’s easy to forget about dedicating time to your kids as they get tied up with their friends, video games, computer usage and homework. As a parent, however, you have to set the example and show them it’s ok to put the device down and enjoy some technology-free time. The benefits of spending time together, whether it’s playing or crafting, can lead to wonderful memories that would have not been possible if you didn’t limit screen time. Promote a balance in your home, so everyone in it can enjoy the use of technology as it was intended.

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