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Signs Your Shopping Is Out Of Control

Women and shopping go hand in hand. It’s something they do frequently whether buying clothes and shoes or things the family needs and wants. Shopping is a lot of fun, and in many instances has been regarded as therapeutic. Be that as it may, if your love of shopping gets out of hand, it can cause a world of problems ranging from financial issues to relational drama. The question is, however, how do you know when your shopping habits are out of control? 

Signs Your Shopping Is Out Of Control

You Experience a High

Do you feel a great sense of happiness almost like a high or euphoria after you’ve finished shopping? If so, this is something you want to be careful with. Your brain is releasing a chemical known as dopamine which is associated with feeling good. If you keep shopping with the hopes of obtaining that same “high” every time, this could very well be a sign that you suffer from a shopping or behavioral addiction
You Have Things You Never Used

A clear sign that your shopping habits are out of control is you have items in the house you don’t even use. You’ve purchased so many clothes, pairs of shoes, kitchen appliances, tools, gadgets, etc, but you barely use any of them. Essentially, this was a wasted investment as these things are just taking up space in your home. 

You and Your Partner Argue About Finances

If your spending is starting to cause a strain on your finances, eventually, your partner will find out. This adds pressure to their plate and makes providing the basics complicated. If your husband or significant other has pointed out that your spending is out of control, or you’re always bickering before and after a shopping spree, this is a sign that things are out of hand. 

You Buy Even When You Can’t Afford to 

Your finances are a wreck yet you still find the means to purchase things you want. Whether you borrow money from others, take out a loan, or charge it to a credit card, you feel a need to shop and don’t factor in whether or not you can afford it. In many instances, you don’t care how much debt you accumulate. This is a clear sign that you need to gain control of your shopping habits.

You’re Agitated or Moody When You Can’t Shop

Do you find it hard to go a day or two without shopping for something? If you find yourself feeling agitated or moody during days you don’t spend money this is a sign that you’re becoming dependent on shopping as a means of boosting your mood. 

You Shop to Feel Better

As stated above, lots of women think of shopping as therapy. Though it does feel great to buy things for yourself and others, and while treating yourself to things on occasion can boost your mood, if you feel an urge to shop every time you’re sad, stressed, anxious, or depressed, this is a red flag that you need to cut back. 

You Start Hiding Your Habit

There’s no better way to know that you have a shopping problem then when you start hiding it from those closest to you. Shredding credit card invoices, hiding receipts, and popping tags on items with the hopes that your significant other doesn’t see how much you’ve been spending is undoubtedly a reason to rethink the way you shop. 

You Feel Bad After You’re Done

While you feel great when you’re shopping, you know you have an issue if you feel bad after the spree is finished. Reality hits and you start thinking about how your actions are going to impact you and your family. 

You Can’t Think of Anything Else

Has shopping begun to cloud your concentration? When you’re at work, instead of doing your job are you browsing online vendors for the latest fashions? Do you spend too much time deciding what you’ll buy next, where you’ll get it from, and how you’ll find the funds to spend? When you become dependent or addicted to shopping it often takes the forefront of your mind leaving personal and professional matters on the back burner. 

While the term shopaholic might often be used to describe women, it is not something to joke with. Whether you know it or not, you can become seriously addicted to shopping and cause a plethora of problems in your personal and professional life. If you or someone you know has experienced any of the signs listed above, it’s time to get proactive about changing your shopping habits. 

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