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Signs That Your Dog Has Allergies

There are millions of people that deal with allergies regularly! Allergies can mean runny noses, itchy or watery eyes, sneezing and plenty of other discomforts that can come along. Did you know that dogs are just as susceptible of getting allergies but they can’t tell us what they are going through.

One of the most common symptoms of people with pets that have allergies is itchiness! Allergies are common when it comes to dogs and you will often find your dog scratching or even biting themselves to get some relief.  You can choose to take your dog to the vet or try using a mild shampoo that can offer some temporary relief if your pet is suffering from allergies due to trees, pollen or grass that may be able to be washed off.

Another common symptom with pets and allergies is inflamed or even infected skin that can be caused from chronic scratching. Instead of getting a runny nose or having watery eyes, a dog can develop red and itchy skin with secondary skin infections. You can buy apoquel for sale online that has been known to help dogs with their symptoms. This is just one of the many medications for pets that you can buy online and have shipped to your home.

Another symptom your dog might experience is hair loss and increased shedding. When it comes to dandruff, your pets can get it too! Dog dandruff is a common side effect of allergies and if you are worried about the scratching and the dandruff it may be a good idea to take your pet to the vet for a checkup as their are prescription medications that are available that can help your pet and give some relief.

Other signs that your dog may have allergies is scooting, paw locking, chronic ear infections and possible respiratory issues that will usually affect cats more than dogs. If you happen to notice any of these symptoms with your pet, scheduling an appointment to have them seen is something that is recommended.






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