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Selling Custom T-shirts Is Easier with the Help of Modern Technology

Selling custom T-shirts is a niche market growing every day. More people are searching for hard to find them to appear hip and interesting. Rather than searching to the end of the earth, people can simply purchase through a custom T-shirt maker. Selling these T-shirts is more than just getting people interested in the product you have to offer. You also have to make the sale. Since so many people do not even carry cash with them anymore, it is necessary to seek out alternative ways to accept payments. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile card readers to help small businesses to accept credit card payments.

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Many of those payments could be processed through smartphones. In fact, there will be more than 1.5 billion smartphones in the world by 2017, according to IDC. Using a card reader is a perfect way to assure you can receive payments and sell more customedo ones. The process starts with a great custom t shirt website template. You can accept payments there as well as through your mobile card readers and develop programs in which you offer loyalty rewards to existing customers. This will help you to keep selling more T-shirts in the future so your business has the ability to expand, according to Forbes.

Create Your Website


One of the first things you will need to do is to set up a great looking website. Using a custom t shirt website template, your website will include all the necessary elements to show them off as you are capable of creating as well as providing a platform through which people can purchase custom T-shirts. The website template includes all the elements needed to attract attention on the Internet. All you will need to do is to plug in the pictures and content into the template. In no time at all, you will have a great looking website you can start using to sell them through.

Accept Payments on the Go

Other than just promoting your website, you want to make sales while you are out and about. The use of a card reader compatible with your mobile device allows you to accept credit card payments no matter where you are. These are actually more cost effective than traditional credit card readers because you do not have to deposit thousands of dollars into a merchant account. The money will still go into your bank account. With many of these card reader services, you can even dispute chargebacks as they occur, giving you even more control over your sales and income. Best of all, your customers will appreciate being able to purchase the products they want through their preferred method of payment. Since credit cards are easier to carry around than a stack of cash, it is not shocking they have been supplanted in the modern wallet.

Develop Loyalty Programs

Selling even more custom ones is possible with the use of a loyalty program. The custom t shirt website template you use can include elements in which you ask visitors to sign up to be a part of the loyalty program. As you are making sales using your mobile card reader, you can ask people for their email addresses. As their loyalty program comes up, you can offer discounts. If they are not a member of the loyalty program yet, you can sign them up on the spot. This is your opportunity to develop a program which will provide even more possibilities for you to sell custom T-shirts to an ever-growing section of the population.


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