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Practical Tips For Childproofing Your Kitchen

As any experienced parent can confirm, babies, toddlers and small children will get into anything and everything. Since little ones are perpetually curious, many parents are constantly taking steps to childproof potentially problematic areas. When working towards a kid-friendly home, it’s in every parent’s best interest to pay special attention to the kitchen. The average kitchen is home to a wide array of dangers that adventurous tots will need to be shielded from, and it behooves safety-conscious moms and dads to secure this area. Fortunately, making your kitchen safe for kids doesn’t have to be costly, stressful or time-consuming. Putting the following tips to good use will enable you to childproof your kitchen in a timely manner and provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

Practical Tips For Childproofing Your Kitchen

Place Chemical-laden Products out of Your Child’s Reach

Chemical-laden cleaners, detergents and pesticides should be placed well outside of your child’s reach. If you must store these items in the kitchen, do so in a high cabinet that a baby or toddler would not be able to access. Although people have a tendency to store said items directly beneath kitchen sinks, this area is highly accessible to even the tiniest children. As an added precaution, equip the cabinet in question with a childproof lock. While these measures will make accessing these products slightly cumbersome for adults, they will prove invaluable in protecting your little one from harmful substances.

Equip Your Cabinets With Childproof Locks

Although childproof locks are essential for cabinets and drawers that contain dangerous chemicals, they should be installed on every counter, drawer and waste receptacle found in your kitchen, regardless of what’s inside. Small children can hurt themselves with just about anything, so even if a cabinet only contains dishes or cooking utensils, it needs to be outfitted with a lock. Not only will this help keep your child safe, it will also prevent them from making large messes. After all, once a child finds their way into a cabinet, it’s a safe bet that every item in that cabinet is going to be strewn about the floor.

Install Monitors  

If your child has a habit of sneaking away whenever your attention wavers, baby monitors can help you keep an eye on what they’re up to. Since many modern-day monitors allow parents to view certain areas of their home on smart phones and other portable devices, it’s never been easier to stay abreast of your little one’s every move. With this in mind, it’s strongly recommended that you set up monitors in your kitchen. Considering how popular this area is with babies and small children, no safety-conscious parent can afford to let it go unmonitored.

Install a Television

Although too much TV is bad at any age, television can be a great way to keep little ones distracted while parents tend to other business. As such, placing a television in the kitchen can help hold your child’s attention and take their mind off the surrounding area. If they’re being sufficiently entertained by something on TV, they’re less likely to start opening cabinets the next time you turn your back.

If you don’t have much experience when it comes to mounting televisions, consider enlisting the aid of seasoned professionals. When searching for TV mounting services in Detroit or any other large city, the web can be an invaluable resource.

Never Leave Suffocation-inducing Items out

In the quest to make your kitchen a child-friendly area, you’ll need to abstain from leaving certain items out. For example, plastic bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil and waxed paper should never be left unattended when a child is in the house. Since these items are all conducive to suffocation, make a point of keeping them in a child-locked drawer or cupboard.

The curiosity of a small child is impossible to sate. For babies and toddlers, the world is a brand-new place filled with abundant adventures. As such, they’re driven to explore every conceivable nook and cranny. Unfortunately, their desire for new experiences can put them in danger that results in serious injury — or worse. With so many interesting objects and easily accessible cabinets, kitchens are particularly tantalizing to little ones. However, with the help of the pointers discussed above, parents can prevent their kitchens from becoming danger zones for their tots.

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