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Parenting Your Child As They Move Into Adulthood

Every stage of a child’s life presents a set of unique challenges, and this is just as true for the late teens as it is for any other time. Usually, most of the challenges faced by parents and children at this point have to do with the fact that the child is seeking and needs greater independence but is probably not entirely ready to be on their own. Below are a few things for parents to keep in mind at this point.

Parenting Your Child As They Move Into Adulthood

Varying Maturity

Some kids are more ready for independence at this stage than others. While in some situations this may be partly related to how much parents have prepared them for and nurtured their independence, there are usually other factors as well. As the parent, part of your job is to gauge their maturity level and how much support they will need from you in the next few years. 


Many kids are headed off to college at this stage. In addition to the obvious educational advantages, college also provides an environment where your child can start testing their wings without yet being fully independent. This can be a great opportunity for them to start learning to live on their own but with some support from both parents and the school itself. Many parents may be concerned about how their children will pay for college. Some take the view that it’s a good idea for their kids to pay for at least some part of their expenses, but tuition is generally so expensive that unless your child has a full scholarship, they’ll need some additional financial assistance. One way parents can help is with a low-rate Private Parent Loan. Other options include federal loans, scholarships and grants, and most students use a mix of these to pay for their education.

Gap Year

The concept of the gap year refers to kids taking a year off after graduating from high school and spending it working or traveling. While some parents want their children to go directly into college, this can actually be a valuable experience. You can still help your child prepare for the future by encouraging a gap year, and many people find themselves more prepared and focused for college at the end of this year. Others may decide to pursue a trade or another line of work. This could be a great option for your kid if they aren’t sure what they want to do next with their life.

Your Role

As the parent, you have a few roles to play. First, you will need to strike a balance between letting your child know you are there for them and letting them work out things on their own. Kids who are not very independent may be prone to texting you about every difficulty. When this happens, it’s your job to gently disengage and try to encourage them to solve problems on their own. On the other hand, you might have a child that you need to remind about staying in touch. A good idea in this situation might be to arrange for a weekly phone or video call with the family.

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