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New Home – Things to Check (Before You Buy)

Buying a house is a huge step. You may have many choices in your chosen area, or you may have only one or two limited options. One thing is for sure, whatever the condition of your new home, you’re bound to uncover multiple “teething issues” the moment you actually move in. 

New Home - Things to Check (Before You Buy)

For example, you could find that on day one in your new home you instantly need answers to questions like how to remove a tree or how to clean a dryer vent (click the link to find out). That’s natural. But what about some of the more obvious things to check before you buy?

Damp (where to spot it & telltale signs)

Damp is a major issue for two reasons. Firstly, a damp house can wreak havoc on your health. The mold that grows and flourishes in damp wallpaper and paintwork can cause breathing difficulties and nightly chesty coughs. 

If you have small children, damp walls can trigger symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions. It’s really worth spending your time to investigate whether your potential new home is going to be more trouble than it is worth due to dampness. But how can you spot it?

First, look for obvious brown stains. Look near radiators and skirting boards. Also, ask when the paintwork or wallpaper was most recently updated. Any decorating completed within a week or so of the viewing might be a sign of the owner’s last-minute attempt to cover dampness.

Check for storage 

In general, we find that older houses used to be a lot bigger. Modern realtors know that location is everything, and buyers will part with their cash for a shoebox-sized dwelling as long as the local amenities are in order and the area is known for its affluence and good standing. Fair enough. But that leaves modern buyers with the issue of how to buy a relatively newer home with a decent amount of storage.

Don’t be fooled by an empty home with no furniture. This can be a ploy to help the place seem more sizable. By removing furniture, the seller is hoping you won’t notice that when you move all of your things in, there won’t be any storage. Keep your eyes peeled for any tricks to help make the place seem airier than it actually is. 

North or south facing?

Whether your new home is north or south facing is actually a bigger deal than you might think. It can affect your heating bill. It can play a part in whether you are able to grow and keep a garden filled with your favorite flowers. 

Do you spend time at home on the weekends? Do you like to entertain guests during the day? A house facing the wrong way can leave you frustratingly in the dark, quite literally.

Not sure how to check the direction the house faces? You could always ask the vendor during the viewing, but prepare for the well-worn spiel about how facing the wrong way is fine. It’s only fine if you think it is fine. But never fear. You can download compass apps for free (your phone may already have one built-in!). Always check the potential north-south issue before you sign anything. 

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