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My Child Just Got Diagnosed With ASD. What’s Next?

Discovering that your child has autism can bring forward a mixed bag of feelings.  On the one hand, you’re relieved because you finally have a name for whatever your child may have been going through, but on the other hand, there are societal associations that come with this disorder that can leave you nervous. 

My Child Just Got Diagnosed With ASD. What's Next?

Having a child with autism isn’t scary as long as you take your time to understand it thoroughly.  These are the best things to consider when you get the news. 

Your Child Is Still Amazing and Needs Love and Patience

Before anything else, it’s vital that your child still feels the same amount of love, patience, and understanding that they did before. 

Autism doesn’t change the fact that they’re your kid or that they’re in a fascinating and amazing time of growth and self-discovery as they go through the journey of learning about their autism.  You get to take this journey with them, so you must show them how much you appreciate them being your child.

Look Into Which Therapies Would Work Best

Consider which types of therapy would work best for your child.  There’s a fantastic ABA therapy clinic in nearly every city, and you can find multiple other ways to train and learn as you go.

This includes therapies that you wouldn’t consider, like therapeutic horseback riding that allows your child to connect with an animal fully and learn how to make that connection better with people.  Consider what’s available in your area, and make a decision based on that.

Ensure Their School Understands Their Needs

Children often start Pre-K between the ages of four to five, so make sure that when you find the facility they’ll be going to that you have a good talk with them.  Discuss what your child needs to be able to learn, and seek out a school with a program that can take care of them and push them to learn.

Although they should have the same school routine as everything, the extra help will ensure they don’t fall behind, and they feel challenged without feeling pushed too hard.

Understand That This Can Be Work, But It’s Worth It

Autism is genetic and runs in families, so there’s a chance that you may know someone else who’s autistic even if you don’t realize it.  This disorder isn’t a tragedy, and it doesn’t happen to families; it happens within them. 

Take your time to understand your child’s needs, look at how you can help them, and be patient with them.  You’re both getting to see the world through a new lens, so don’t take it personally if they need more time to take in the view.

Our Children Deserve The Best Lifes Possible

Whether this is your first child or your third, they all deserve the best possible life we can give them. 

This means putting in the time to provide them with the care and affection necessary while also helping to inspire a curiosity about the world and how they’ll fit into it. 

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