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Explaining to Your Kids About Moving to a New House

Moving to a new house can be very exciting and fun. You feel very fulfilled when you’re finally able to buy your dream house in Australia or other ideal country. However, sometimes, little kids do not feel the same way. Most of the times kids find it difficult to adjust about moving into a new house and place. They miss the old house, their old school, and their friends from the neighbourhood. As parents, you should do your best to explain your decision to move to a new house and at the same time, you should encourage them to appreciate and love these changes.

Moving to a New House

Here are some of the things that you should do:

Explain to them why you move

 You will need to have a pep talk about moving with your children. Do this even before you move. Tell them about your decision of moving to a new house in a new place. You should explain to them why you’ve come up with this decision whether to transfer to a bigger house, to be closer to your workplace, etc. They will feel more at ease when they have idea about what’s happening. Transferring to a new place without knowing anything can shock them and it will give them a hard time adjusting, which you do not wish to happen. So talk to them and make them understand.

 Include them when decorating the house

Another thing that could make them feel more at ease and excited about your new place is by including them in the designing and decorating activities. Let them choose the design that they want to use in their room. It will really make them happy about everything. They will even look forward to it.

Tour them around the place

The kids might miss the old park in your neighborhood where they used to play with their friends so why not look for a park in your new area and then show it to your kids. This will help them realize that moving to a new place does not necessarily mean that they will stop doing things that they used to do. You just need to walk them through these new changes in the environment. Also, it would be great to pick a house that is near important establishments like hospitals, schools, parks, and others.

Organize a kid’s party

One of the main concerns of kids about transferring to a new place is that they know no one and that all their playmates and friends are back in your old place. Well, the solution to that is introducing them to other kids in the neighborhood. It would be a great idea to organize a kids’ party and invite all kids living in the area. This way, your children will not feel too scared and nervous about first day in new school. And they will be able to meet new friends they can play with. They will not feel as sad as before.


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