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Luxury Watches – Is This The Perfect New Age Oxymoron?

The word “oxymoron” is associated with things or phrases that use copy contradictory phrases. For example, the phrase “darkness visible” is an oxymoron, because it uses two words that cancel out each other’s meanings. Generally speaking, there are a number of oxymorons that have taken their place in conventional parlance. Some other examples include “clearly confused”, “act naturally” and the like. 

Luxury Watches - Is This The Perfect New Age Oxymoron?

However, the best oxymoron that has come into play in today’s world is “luxury technology”. It juxtaposes two words that have entirely different meanings to create a somewhat meaningful phrase. 

Luxury Technology – A Closer Look

Let us first take a look at the word “luxury”. In a commercial sense, this word is associated with brands that are of premium level, and offer the best of the best services and products. A luxury brand is not born in a day- usually, brands that are now recognized as luxury have a long history, having been around for ages. They have built up an image for themselves through their quality- usually, something that is unique to the respective brand. It is only today that their names have become synonymous with luxury- the moment the name of a particular brand is mentioned, it conjures up some very specific images in the consumer’s mind. Luxury, therefore, has an essence of timelessness surrounding it. 

On the other hand, technology is the exact opposite- it is about breaking the constraints of time. When we say that technology has advanced, we mean that we are now able to do things that weren’t even thinkable 20 years ago. It is about breaking barriers and constantly innovating to create more and more sophistication, precision, and finesse.

Now that we understand the meaning behind the two words, it is easy to perceive their difference from one another. Luxury is about adhering to the image that has been constructed over decades, whereas technology is about breaking the limitations imposed by time. 

When it comes to luxury watches therefore, this oxymoron comes into play the most. By luxury watches, we usually refer to brands that have been around for more than 50 years. These brands are the masters in the game, so much so that their name has been synonymous with quality. However, when purchasing a luxury watch, we would also want it to have the latest features that have been innovated by technology. 

For example, while purchasing a luxury watch of 116500ln from a name brand, you would naturally look for features such as heart rate monitors, Bluetooth connectivity, connectivity to your phone and the like. However, these are not elements that the brand was born with, nor are they the markers of the luxury brand. They are the results of technological innovation, carefully brought together after thorough research. So while the idea of a luxury watch is alluring, people nowadays wish for the brand to come with timeless elegance as well as the newest technologies. 


Nowhere is the oxymoronic capabilities of “luxury technology” as applicable as luxury watches. They stand as examples of how elegance cannot hold its own in the modern world without the constant support and backing of technological advances.

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