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Luxury Gifts for the Ones Who Have Everything

We all have that beloved friend or family member who has everything. Maybe they are first in line when the new iPhones are released or read every tech journal to be the first to try out trendy little gadgets. The holiday gift-giving season is creeping up fast, so now is the time to buy those luxury gifts for the person in your life who is especially hard to buy for!

Digital Kitchen Scale. If your loved one takes cooking quite seriously – gift them this compact digital food scale to help give them the accuracy they need when meal prepping or making appetizers for their next gathering.

Digital Ultrasonic Multipurpose Jewelry Cleaner. If they have everything, they probably already have multiple pieces of jewelry. This jewelry cleaner will have their bling sparkling like new, and it also cleans sunglasses, retainers, and other items.

Mini Link Printer. There comes a time when vintage becomes new again – and more and more folks are opting for photos that can posted on a corkboard or refrigerator, and not just on Facebook.

Personalized Visa Gift Card. With a Visa gift card, you’re giving your loved one the gift of unlimited opportunities – they can choose to use the funds at any one of millions of retailers. Plus, you can easily customize the card with a special photo of the two of you, and holiday well wishes printed directly on the front of the card.

Banana Saving Hats. Everyone makes the promise to themselves to bake banana bread with the overripe bananas sitting on the counter, but few follow through! Did you know that if you place a silicone cap over the part where the bananas connect, the bananas will stay fresher longer? These Banana Saving Hats are cute, practical, and will look sweet on your beloved’s countertop.

Tea Advent Calendar. If you want to promote peace and harmony this holiday season, the Tea Advent Calendar will do just that. Behind every window is a finely sourced tea for every day in the heart of the season. Get out the cookies and enjoy.

Wine Subscription. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. With a subscription to their favorite wines, and ones that are still to be discovered, your friend or loved one will love the anticipation of every box.

Clip-On LED Light. Reminiscent of childhood days and reading books under the covers, this clip-on LED light is perfect for encouraging reading and journal writing.

Paint by Numbers Kit. Inspire them to pursue their creative side with the gift of a paint by numbers kit. Available in a huge variety of themes, you can choose landscapes (traditional and modern style), animals, even copies of famous artists like Henri Matisse are available so they, too, can feel brilliant and distinguished!

Bath time Wine Holder. Your loved one probably doesn’t have this genius little creation. This gadget elegantly holds your wine glass in place while the backing suctions to the tub walls. Accented with genuine beach stones, with this gift, they can truly live in the lap of luxury.

Owl Eyeglasses Holder. They think they’re smart? They aren’t as smart as this wood-carved owl, especially with glasses perched on its beak. A great place to house eyeglasses overnight or any time they aren’t needed, so they aren’t lost or damaged.

Raindrop Cake Kit. Your friends and family haven’t seen anything like it – because it’s practically invisible, and yet, it’s edible and is, technically a cake. The kit includes everything that’s needed to create the latest in gastronomy trends – the vegan Raindrop cake.

Mars Dust Globe. With space exploration in the news, and humans landing on Mars speculated at not being too far in the distant future, a Mars Dust Globe, complete with two astronauts in a Martian landscape, is shake and fantasy-worthy.

Picnic in a Box. Sure, part of the joy of picnicking is laying out a checkered blanket and taking in the views, but if that’s not possible because of the bitter cold, munching on picnic goodies makes for a great alternative! Includes a cornucopia of picnic delights such as nuts, artisan cheese, gourmet cookies, and jams.

Avocado Huggers. If there’s one thing avocado lovers know, it’s that their freshness sometimes doesn’t even make it out of the store. These silicone cups help preserve avocados so that you can count on their heavenly goodness a little bit longer.

Be one step ahead of the friend or loved one that has everything – give them a unique gift that lets them know you are grateful and happy to have them in your life.

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