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List of Contractors You’ll Need To Get Your Home Fall-Ready

Part of a homeowner’s responsibility is keeping up with the maintenance and repairs around the house. When that is done efficiently, it keeps your home safe, healthy, and in working order. That is something you will want to make sure happens when being a homeowner. Now that the weather is getting chilly, it’s time to get your home ready for cold weather. With hectic schedules and limited resources, getting it all done on your own is a challenge. That’s where hiring contractors come in.

List of Contractors You’ll Need to Get Your Home Fall-Ready

From the roof to the lawn and garden there’s a laundry list of things that need to be done around the house before the winter arrives. If you’ve got your hands full or would simply like to ensure things are done correctly, having these very important contractors on call provides a simple solution.


The colder seasons bring lots of precipitation. From rain to hail it sits on your roof resulting in damaged or missing tiles, hidden leaks, and water damage. Inspecting and making repairs to the roof can be dangerous to do on your own, so hiring a roofer to handle the task is recommended. Roofers will do a thorough search on the roof for damage, leaks, or other necessary repairs. They can also clean the gutters so that rainwaters easily wash away from your home. Learn more about hiring a reliable roofing company.

Pest Control

Now that the summer is over insects and pests will be looking for a warm place to stay. If you don’t want that place to be your home, you need to get it under control. Though there are lots of products on the market you can try, many don’t work or are hazardous to members of your family. The best solution, therefore, would be to research sites like MoxieServices.com for pest control services in your area. They can thoroughly treat the home deterring pests from entering and getting rid of those that are already there.


Bad plumbing can result in significant damage and high costs. There’s also the fact that cold temperatures can do serious damage to your pipes. That’s why it is recommended that you have a plumber come out and inspect for hidden leaks or damaged pipes before the cold season.

Some plumbers even have home winterization services where they will get your home ready for the cold weather. They will check for drafts, sealing up windows and doors, install insulation, and much more. This service helps to keep you warm and also saves you money on high energy bills.


You don’t want to get caught on a cold fall day without efficient heat. Your HVAC system requires routine maintenance and repairs to keep running. While you can do things like changing the filters on your own, more difficult tasks like cleaning vents and replacing parts are best left to expert HVAC contractors. Once you’ve found the right HVAC company, ask if they have affordable maintenance contracts or warranties you can take advantage of. This will save you money while also ensuring that you keep your appliances intact.


The rain and snowstorms that tend to happen in the winter and fall can be vicious. The high winds and heavy precipitation weighs down on your trees and shrubs. If they’re not properly cared for this could cause a tree to damage your property or hurt someone. Trimming hedges, cutting branches, and removing dead trees is a job that arborists are skilled to do. They’ll ensure there are no impending dangers that could cause harm.

Chimney Sweep

If your home has a fireplace, you want to have it thoroughly cleaned before you use it this season. The soot, dirt, and debris accumulate in the chimney creating the ideal environment for a house fire. You can alleviate all of this by hiring a chimney sweep. They can clean your fireplace and chimney to ensure you can stay warm while being safe.


Your home isn’t the only thing that needs to be prepared for cold weather, so does your lawn. The best way to have lush green grass and beautiful blooms in the spring is to treat your lawn in advance. A landscaping company can cut the grass, plant seeds, add mulch, pull weeds, and get your front and back yard in tip-top shape for the fall.

Keeping up with home maintenance tasks in the fall can be easier said than done. If you just don’t have the time, energy, tools, or know-how to get things done yourself, hire the right contractors for the job. Their professional services save you time and money while ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and cozy this season.

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