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Life Skills All Moms Should Have

Moms are the most underrated human beings on the planet. No matter how much credit we give them, it is simply not enough for the magnitude they possess and endure. Not to say it isn’t worth it; it most definitely is. Parenting has its ups and downs, but the rewards outweigh the struggles tenfold. 

Life Skills All Moms Should Have

Life skills that moms should have are indefinite. To protect and teach their children, mothers should encompass all knowledge. They maintain social and professional goals for themselves and their families while being prepared for any situation. 


One of the major life skills moms can provide is their ability to listen. Moms have this unsolicited way of hearing everything and reading between the lines. This could stem from when their babies cried for something, and they had to identify what their cries meant. 

Every child has a different style and ways they express themselves. A child could tell a stranger a lie and get away with it, but their mother would know the difference. This life skill can come in handy in various situations. Recognizing when someone doesn’t mean what they are saying is an excellent trait to possess.

Learning how to communicate effectively is essential for children as they grow. It takes some self-discipline to be an effective communicator, and it’s a hard lesson to learn if you haven’t been taught at a young age. Waiting for your turn to talk when people speak or not knowing how to listen effectively can be an issue in your child’s relationships. Teach your kids how to listen and give feedback as young as possible.


Life’s most basic skills like laundry and paying bills are taught at home. Parents become teachers in their own right. Who will if parents don’t teach their children how to do these things? To set your kids up for independence and success in their future, teach them as many things as possible. 

Teach them how to cook for themselves. Teach them how to change a tire and troubleshoot fixing things like appliances and garage doors. Teach them how to take care of themselves and love who they are. Teach them the difference between being confident and arrogant. Show them how to be kind without becoming a doormat. As parents, we want to teach and give our children the world and protect them from it simultaneously. We can work to achieve both of these goals by teaching them right from wrong and encouraging them to learn from their mistakes.


Learning how to read and follow instructions is almost as important as learning to tie your shoes. If your child doesn’t know to read the labels on things or take direction well, they could struggle to find their way in life. Many children today aren’t being taught the most basic life skills at home. They’re beginning their journey to adulthood with no tools in their backpacks. They’re getting their apartments without knowing how to do their own laundry or cook themselves a meal. 

You cannot hold their hand for the rest of their lives, no matter how badly you may want to.  Learning how to follow directions and ask if they have questions should be highly encouraged in your household. 

Similarly, you should also take instructions from your child. Follow their lead on how they interpret and learn things and teach accordingly. Some people are better visual learners while some are hands-on. Pay close attention and learn what style your child reacts to. This can significantly impact their capabilities. 


Being a parent should surely come with its own set of warning labels. You just never know what kind of off-the-wall situation you will end up in. You have to understand how to navigate these occurrences, which will teach your children how to navigate them. It will also teach your kids how to be resourceful and resilient. 

Google has all the answers, right? What if Google is unavailable? Prepare your kids for real-world pre-technology. The world is unpredictable. Many children have become so reliant on technology that they would be completely lost without it. What if your phone dies?

Teach your children how to read a map and a compass. Show them how to react to wild animal encounters. Teach them how to identify poisonous plants and basic first aid and CPR. Teach them self-defense.

Sometimes, after a long day, it’s a wonder you all survived. But you made it, and you will next time, too, when a bad day strikes again. It’s just what you do, mama. Be proud of yourself and learn from your mistakes.


We can learn and grow as people and educators. by putting in the effort. The more we know as parents, the better equipped we are to set our children up for success. Without our help, our kids would have to face and figure out life’s challenges on their own. Life skills are just as necessary to teach as core subjects are in school.

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