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If Only Time Travel Were Real

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your past self? Would you give yourself advice about a relationship that you are currently in? Would you tell yourself to go for the job interview that you aren’t certain about because you’ll end up happier in the long run? What about moving? Would you wish you had made a change and moved somewhere else? All of these are typical pieces of advice many of us wish that we had known in the past to help change the way our future turned out.

If Only Time Travel Were Real

Get Out of That Relationship

Maybe you are thinking about a relationship that you were in. It was holding you back. You weren’t with a terrible person; you simply were not meeting your full potential. This person allowed you to get in a rut. Instead of cheering you on to try to better yourself, you became complacent. Perhaps the relationship was actually not a healthy relationship at all and you wish you didn’t waste so much time and energy on someone that wasn’t going to work out anyways. Many adults wish they could go back in time and tell their past selves that they should move on and get out of a toxic or dead-end relationship.

Take a Chance On That Dream Job

Just as relationships can become mundane and dead-end, so can jobs. If you have spent a large part of your young adult life working at the same dead-end job, you may regret that decision. You could have interviewed for a management position. You could have attempted to get a job in a different field of interest. You felt loyal to the company you worked for and you felt connected to your co-workers so you stayed. Maybe you stayed even though you knew you could have made more money. Maybe you stayed in spite of the fact that you were never going to get a promotion because you sensed job security. 

You could have ended up in a better position with a title and respectable position had you ventured out of your comfort zone and applied elsewhere and for more challenging positions. Fortune 500 women CEOs often made that leap in their youth and did not stay in low-end positions. You would tell your younger self to take the risk to get to the top.

Make That Move

Many people regret not moving in their early adult years. Sometimes they go away to college but then return home to their comfort zone. It does not matter if you were from a small town or a big city; you could have grown tired of the atmosphere and longed for a change. It is far easier to take the risk and move when you only have yourself to worry about. When you are married and have a family of your own to take care of a move to a different city requires a lot more strategic planning and involves more stress. 

When you are younger you can simply look for a job in the city you want to live in and then save up enough money to rent an inexpensive residence until you decide if you want to purchase in that town. It gives you a chance to go out and explore new towns and meet new people. It allows you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and breaks the monotony of your lifelong schedule. A lot of people wish they could go back and tell their younger selves to take the leap and make the move and create a fresh start. These people are usually ones who are unhappy with where they are and wish they had made a change earlier in life.

Make a Change Now

Quit living in a life of “what if.” You will never be happy if you constantly reflect back to the life changes you could have made to change where you are now. You still have plenty of time to turn things around and make a life that makes you happy. If you are unhappy at work, look for a different job. If you do not like your town, take the time to research areas you might like to reside in. There are many things that you can do to make your life pleasant so that you don’t continually look back with regrets.

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