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How To Work Collaboratively Across Your Marketing Department

There are few areas of your business that require collaborative working as much as your marketing department, not only with each other but with all other areas of the company. For example, if the marketing department doesn’t promote the products or services you provide, income is going to be pretty minimal, and your business isn’t going to last very long. At the same time, they need to work alongside Accounting and Finance to ensure a good return on investment for any paid promotions. If you are a large team or perhaps have some of your employees working remotely or at home, it can be a little harder to work as effectively, but here are some things you can do to help streamline this. 

How To Work Collaboratively Across Your Marketing Department

Keep files organized 

It sounds simple enough, but as time goes on, it’s likely that filing systems can become a little shoddy, and it can begin to waste a whole lot of time trying to find what is needed. By utilizing Digital Asset Management software, you can ensure that all digital assets can be accessed from any device (again, ideal for remote working) and that versions of designs are always kept up-to-date. You can set permissions so that the right people can access the right assets at the right time, and set up the software so that things are easy to find for your team, without having to know the complicated filing “system” of one individual to find something they need. 

Keep communication open

Slack is a really great, professional communication app, which can be used on desktop or mobile. Some things need a quicker, more chatty response than an email, and Slack allows you to set up different channels for different subjects. For example, you could have different channels for various projects that include only the people relevant to that work so that decisions can be made quickly, efficiently, and of course, collaboratively. Everyone can see what has been said and what work is allocated. 

Use a project management tool

Something like Asana or Notion is ideal for collaborative project management. You can allocate work to different team members, and everyone in each project can see what tasks have been completed and what is left to complete. Everyone can update each other on progress, and links, images, and documents can all be dropped straight into the project boards to keep everything neat and tidy. Again, this is more efficient than searching through email threads to find things, and as long as everyone buys into the system, it can really make keeping track of several projects at once super easy. 

Collaborative working can create some amazing results and really strengthen teams, but only if you can facilitate it in the best way for your employees. If things don’t quite work, tensions can be high, and tasks can be missed. However, if the processes themselves are as simple and user-friendly as possible, your marketing department will be able to focus on creating fantastic results for you. 

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