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How To STOP Termites From Destroying Your Home

One thing you don’t want to encounter is a termite colony; one of them can systematically destroy your home, and where there is one colony there are often more. It can be daunting trying to protect your home from these highly destructive pests. Knowing what action to take is part of the battle, but it doesn’t always work.

How To Stop Termites

At the end of the day, termites are extremely determined in their quest for food so there is always a danger that you may find your property at the center of a termite invasion. If this happens you need to be aware of methods of dealing with the problem, including calling experts.

Protecting your home against termites

It’s vital that you take steps to try and prevent termites getting access to your home. Your actions may not be successful, but you have to try. Termites live in soil, and they love damp conditions where there is a plentiful supply of wood for them to snack on.

Your task is to limit the moisture and the wood that is available to them. Always make sure that any leaks around your home are fixed straight away, and never leave any water standing in your yard, close to your home. A build-up of foliage on the ground can make it damp, so you should try and limit the amount of foliage in direct proximity to your property.

You should never bury any wood in the ground and wood that needs to be stored in your yard should be kept off the ground, or in an outbuilding. Wood that has to come into contact with the ground should be treated. This does not necessarily stop termites from attacking it, but it does deter them from doing so.

As well as taking all of these preventative measures you should also make sure that any cracks which appear in the foundations of your home are dealt with so that they do not act as an access point for a colony of termites.

Getting rid of termites

It’s difficult to get rid of termites from your home, and you will normally need to get help from a professional exterminator to do so. There are a couple of things that you can do to alleviate some of the problem on your own. One of them is to try and deal with any items of furniture that have been infested. You can do this by either placing them in sunlight, or in a large freezer. Either of these actions should kill off any termites present.

You can also ease the situation by wetting two pieces of cardboard and placing them on top of each other in the vicinity of the termite problem. The pests will be attracted to the cardboard and can then be disposed of.

Calling a professional pest control expert

Even if you have eased the situation yourself, you will want to call a professional exterminator to make sure that your home is truly free from termites. Your property is very valuable to you so you need to protect its structural integrity.

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