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How To Better Promote Yourself On Social Media

The internet has completely revolutionized the arts, both in terms of content creation and in self-promotion. Today, platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are powerful marketing tools capable of boosting your reach far beyond your geographical confines.

How To Better Promote Yourself On Social Media

With that said, up-and-coming authors, musicians for hire, touring comedians, independent filmmakers, and other entertainers take note: follow the advice below and you’ll be well on your way to climbing the ladder of success. 

Engage the Audience Directly

One of the great things about social media is the way it breaks down the barriers between creators and their audiences. Instead of putting entertainers high up on unreachable pedestals, it puts them on the same level as their fans, giving both sides a chance to interact with each other one-on-one as genuine human beings. Doing this makes your followers feel more connected to you, and it also allows you to gauge interest in future projects or address concerns directly with the very people most invested in your output.

Post Often, But Not Too Often

Too many entertainers think that just having a social media account is good enough. To really be effective, though, you have to use it. Post often, and not just about upcoming performances or products for sale. Share your thoughts on different things, especially topics related to your artform. Not only does this allow your followers a more intimate, multifaceted view of who you are, but frequent posting also increases your likelihood of being noticed by new potential audiences. Just make sure not to overdo it; there’s a fine line between being active on social media and spamming your followers to the point of annoyance.

Make Full Use of Multimedia

Many times, the hardest part of growing your fanbase is convincing unacquainted audience members to take a chance on your work. Imagine that instead of creating art, though, you’re selling snack foods. What’s the best way to entice people to buy some for themselves? Free samples, of course. With social media, you can easily share snippets of written works, film trailers, clips from live performances, and much, much more.

Network with Other Creators

No artist is an island; we’re all in this together. Try not to think of other entertainers as competition, but as collaborators. They need just as much help as you do, which is why scratching someone else’s back usually ends with them scratching yours when you most need it. Performing live as part of a package with other live entertainers? Include them in your promotional posts and tag their pages so your followers can check them out. Know someone who is trying to raise funds for a new book or movie? Give their campaign a quick shoutout. A little charity can pay off big-time later.

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